Need 4K monitor recommendations

I am in the market for a 4K monitor for use with both my pc and my ps4 pro

I have a budget of $1000 - 1200 AUD <-- this MUST include shipping.

I want something in the range of 40 - 50 inches and would prefer closer to 40

I have been looking at either going down the TV route or the monitor route. Not sure what to do here...

TV wise - the Samsung KU6000 (KU6300 in the USA) has its pro's as being low input latency (around 32ms) but one of its con's is apparently it suffers from stutter in blu ray movies - which along with its refresh rate of 50Hz is a concern. Does 50Hz play nice with vsync?

Monitor wise - I've looked at all the AMH/Wasabi and derivative 40" screens. The concern here is that there have been a few reports on various forums of issues with quality and dead panels - and the sellers via ebay have said basically they dont care - they will replace it but I would be liable for the shipping costs on the new monitor AND the cost of sending the defective one back to S Korea. This also has a LONG turn-around time.

I'll take 10 bit/HDR if I can get it - but its not a deal breaker. Usage will be pc gaming for the VAST majority of use.

TL:DR - 4K 40" monitor - Australia - $1200 max

Shortlist so far (will update as I go)

Samsung KU6000 TV
Phillips BDM4350UC Monitor

The Korean monitors do seem iffy at times. I've had my AMH A409u for almost a year now I think, and it has been working the same it did when I got it. Not a single dead pixel to this day.

So while they are much cheaper then big name manufacturers, it is a risk.

If you want to take that risk, you could use that extra money for a new GPU to help drive 4k, or something else. Just a thought.

If PC gaming is the vast usage, I doubt a 50hz panel will be a pleasant experience.

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might I suggest something closer to 30"? This is the size range that 4k really shines, due to its pixel density and sharpness of text.

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Thanks for the suggestion @Masterfulliam but I am covered in the GPU department - i already have the cash set aside for either Vega or 1080ti

The Korean monitors are the sme price as the Phillips BDM4350UC but I can buy the Phillips locally from a brick and mortar store - however - this specific monitor (according to other forums) can be prone to burn in. It seems to be a really hit and miss kind of thing.

@The_Space_Bear I really want the larger screen - i have a 28" 4K screen now and its just too small to use without display scaling and that sucks the big one on Windows. I also want it to double as my screen for TV, PS4 and it will be used in my loungeroom - so from a couch its a better size than something smaller. Doing some fast math (which I suck at TBH) 43" 4K is about 109ppi which is about the same as a 24" 1080p screen which will be fine for my use case. i would even go bigger but I just dont have the space for anything larger than 40 - 43" - even 50" would not fit.

Also I will be upgrading from a Samsung U28D590D 28" 4K screen and that particular screen would be on @wendell shortlist for worst monitor EVER.

did you go into each application and under compatability click "disable high dpi scaling" I found that fixed windows retarded dpi scaling.

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I have mucked around with that - but really what im after is the inches - all the inches (thats what she said)

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The Phillips control board is awful just terrible. There are some lg iPS displays that are great. 43 and 49 inches.

The crossover 324ks is new process IPS type so really good too.

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Thanks @wendell - I will look into the Crossover 324ks