Amazing. Hands down best technical death metal I have ever heard.

Imho Muhammed Suiçmez is the only person in the world who has truly MASTERED the guitar.

If you haven't heard them you deserve a hammer to the face.


Anyone who has heard of them, Recommendations for similar bands?

i like necrophagist but MAN do you have to hear psycroptic!



They are pretty brutal dude

Very sick

i love em. though ive been listening to belphegor lately

Blphegor is fucking br00tal lol

I've been listening to like epic ass viking metal like wintersun and turisas

and a little black metal.

Crematory mostly

Trauma... best tech death metal ever.



GET those two CD's...

I also agree about psycroptic is insane... their new CD is really nice...

As for black metal.. I've been listening to some good stuff this week.. etc...



Cirith Gorgor


highly recommend them.

Thanks Logan, all of them are BRUTAL.

Trauma is hella good

wintersun needs to release their new CD... it will be the best epic metal ever.

wintersun is pure \m/

Dude they are SO epic.

If you like Wintersun check out,



Really epic viking metal.





Iron is a fucking sick ass song.



Really good bands. All epic on a new level

Aguynguerran was a very good CD Logan indeed :D

As for guitarists, I think there is someone else you forgot to mention with Muhammed, Mr. John Petrucci :D

I think John Petrucci is really overrated like yeah hes really good but he sure as fuck is no Muhammed lol

I honestly can say with confidence that Muhammed is better than Yngwie Malmsteen


Yngwie Malmsteen just plays fast scales and arpegeos... nothing of his splits my head...


lol yeah hes just REALLY fast and clean

which is cool and all

if you dont like epic minor sweeps with brutal growls and orchestras in the background


My favorite guitarist would probably have to be Paul Gilbert or Muhammed

Its a close one lolz

ya saw necrophagist live 2 weeks ago, august 26th... one of the best shows i've been too. cant wait for carcass and suffocation next week.

Yeah the fucking pwn live

I saw them with dying fetus and cannibal corpse at slims in san francisco

one of the best shows i've seen in a long time