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Necro posts


Talking generally, not about the OP posts. If he did that, I am not okay with that.


New posts old posts new users old users the underlying fact Still Remains if someone nekroz a thread the only thing that has to happen for it to fix itself and disappear is for people to stop posting in that thread if a user doesn’t get a response in said thread they will eventually stop posting and ask somewhere else probably in a new thread as was the General recommendation so as long as no one jumps in and starts complaining about that person necroing the thread keeping it at the top for everyone to see and get upset about see where I’m going here


Yup, write that specifically into the necro warning and it shouldn’t happen anymore. Also mention the heart/like/thumb … thing.


This can be fixed with the previous post and which case if a technical problem is resolved the user can soft lock the thread but thumbs-up can still be given although I still feel I like the word thank you more than plus one

Once a technical issue has been resolved there is no more need for the thread to be responsible to I agree to this


We at the moderatoring leveling are working a formalize guideline concerning and
has already covered a lot of ground with this:

This Thread has been a giant circle. It has reached the point of being unproductive.

Guidelines are coming for Reviving Old Threads.

Right now we have a draft for the guidelines. It is close to be ready to share. We have a formal announcement for when it is ready.

As for this thread it is now closed.

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