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Necro posts


Okay this is when I can get behind I can agree to this


Yes at which point moderator should step in and stop the stupid from happening and possibly lock the thread

But if the new posts are indeed constructive there is no reason to lock said thread


I agree, especially about “thanks” and “me too” posts, but not having clear guidelines is bad. Inconsistent rules lead to inconsistent application of them leads to annoyed and and angry users.


Just a reminder in case you posted that before* I made this edit.


Is there a good example of where this isn’t happening? The two instances of necro posts being locked are
A. The response contributes nothing (I.E. This is great blah blah)
B. The response derails the old thread and should have been a new post alltogether


Which is the general guideline (which was agreed way way at the start of the thread that this is missing and should be in the FAQ). Old threads are locked when it makes no sense to revive them.

Something we do need to work on a bit is some more consistency of how to lock/unlist them, when to split the topic to a new topic etc. but thats something we are slowly working on. Leaders and mods help out for nothing in return when we have a little time to do so, so things like guidelines and structure for leaders to follow etc. take a little longer to set up as we improve things.


Or C
Its old and people start bitching about “necro” and it gets locked
Someone post something constructive or asks an additional question which brings the thread back to life and people immediately start screaming and it gets locked rather than constructively answering the question


I suppose the problem I’m having is that we’re arguing hypotheticals here when the initial argument made was that there needed to be an official “do not post unless relevant” date. The original question asked was

We’re not addressing the original issue here.


Do you have examples of this?


And was answered with an answer. In case it was missed.


I think it is clear: There was an unofficial rule that needs to be made official.
The ongoing discussion is about the edge cases and moderator guidelines.


To clarify (because I think I did a trump there), I would want topics to stay open as a default. I want topics to be closed for being “solved” or derailed. Not because somebody posts something at a later point in time.

Basically I would like the term necro to disappear. Either something is relevant to the topic or it isn’t.


I get that portion, however I was arguing that there needs to be a rule that “do not respond to posts older than X months unless you:
A. Have a solution to the original problem/quesiton
B. Are reviving an old game (I.E guess that game thread) or providing an update.”

E: Its not that I’m asking for a hard rule, I’m asking for general rules that should be followed.


Which there is a new thread about



Most threads that have relevant responses are either split up into a new topic or allowed to continue onward. I will agree that there has been some cases where this hasnt been the case but we never try to close up discussion


I completely wholeheartedly agree with this entire post
Although personally I like being told thank you a thank-you necro should be permissible and not slit throat jumped at although I do recognize that the thumbs-up heart button serves the same purpose it’s just nice to hear that you’re solution directly help someone more than a plus one randomly appearing on a post


Methinks part of the issue people have with thank-you’s on old posts is that it goes straight to the top of the forums “new” section. Filling it with such clutters the already moderately cluttered section.


I can understand that but I also refer back to my argument that as long as no one keeps continuously posting that will just drop right back down off of the main page


necroing with “thanks” and “me too” should totally be an offence, but not the necro part itself. Not contributing anything useful part. IMO


It also doesn’t help that those that necro a post are almost exclusively new users, which do it a bunch for the first couple of days they have thier account.

I agree, but was that ever in question? OP seemed to be responding with “thanks” posts according to Eden in his big response post.