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And you’re welcome to that opinion, but my point stands. None of us except the mods have to mod, therefore, logically, modding decisions should be left to those who actually do the work. There is no reasonable argument being presented here, other than vague whining about a frankly minuscule issue that would never have happened if the OP had basic reading comprehension and observational skills.



Oh how I wish that were true.


I find that post excessively hostile
I think you need to relax a little there bro
Being a little heated



This post is off-topic as well. I could spend 20 minutes going through this thread now and trim half the posts still because they are off topic and just being used to stir the pot because its a convenient thread to do so.

@Aremis the thread was trimmed once because it was going off topic on pointless responses when there’s was an actual legitimate point to discuss. We’re now going way past that.


Excuse me I mod my threads. If shit goes off the rails I yell at people.

If you don’t do that you’re lazy. Sorry @Goblin but uh… Yeah.


it wasn’t. I’m simply being direct because I have had modding duties before, and complaints from the peanut gallery help precisely nobody. That and I cannot fathom the issue here, and it smacks of just gum-wagging for that sake alone.


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I said this thread was specifically about necroing and you are grandstanding about fucking admeen aboose


@Aermis, you are yelling at the mods for being terrible mods, that isn’t on topic. If you want to address your issues with moderation policies then you can do so… In another topic.


I apologize for being slightly off topic there I said something and then was asked for my reasoning or proof which I provided with two screenshots and unfortunately two posts so if we can get back to the initial topic I’m perfectly okay with that

Even though that post itself was a subtopic of the initial topic


Keep feeding…

Back to necros: Is there a substantial reason to try it without locking old threads just because they are old?


necro all the posts


My opinion is that threads shouldn’t be auto-necroed unless its of a particular category, I.E Music. Tech support threads shouldn’t be auto-necroed because eventually someone somewhere might come up with a solution and necro a post because of that.


all non necro discussion go here pls


Few instances I’ve paid attention to a necro that wasn’t closed, it starts devolving into a random argument about something stupid.


So it was closed because it devolved? So not because of it’s age?


2 posts were merged into an existing topic: Tell Moderators How To Moderate - A Generic Forum Meta Discussion


If I caught it earlier, age. Otherwise it was age & argument.

Although that depends, it can also be a mistake on my part for letting the thread live just because I made the judgement call that there is extra value that can be added to the thread.