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Necro posts


You forget this place is entirely a dictatorship


Would it? Discourse isn’t really meant to be clean, I don’t think. Otherwise only topics would be listed like the old PHP forums.


I don’t know about you but if something post or video or tutorial that I have put up on a thread or YouTube helps someone and they say thank you that makes me feel good and I appreciate the input

I have a tutorial on how to swap an update the PlayStation to a 2 terabyte hard drive from years ago that occasionally I still get notifications on from people thanking me and I take the time to add my input and say no problem dude that’s what it’s there for


We do have a little heart button right under someone’s post you know


So from just a precursory browse through, most of the people arguing for no locks have zero responsibility for actually curating the forum at large, ie going through posts, responding to flags, arbitrating hostile arguments, etc.

Just an observation.


That can be used after a thread is locked.


Okay but,
A new user is likely going to hit the Thumbs Up Button as well as type out
Hey man ,thank you
this really help me out or this problem has been blah blah


That was part of my argument, that there was a reason to necro a post by saying “thank you”


I DM @sgtawesomesauce all the time for shit that happens in a dream. Is your ego what’s really at risk here?

Point is, it doesn’t do anything? Create a thread saying “Thanks for being awesome” – That’s not a crime.


As you have found, the rule is literally not written down anywhere. At that, the actual rule is 12 months exactly from back in the Tek Syndicate days. I memorized this stuff. But, no one cares. I make a big stink of this for either the rules to be edited or a bot to autolock threads and I get this as a response.

“Well if the title is worded correctly and the first few lines of the post are open enough its not a necro”


BUT, no one cares. The mods kinda do whatever they want. The last time that actual necro’s were a problem and the mods did whatever they want, I necro’d 7 years old threads to piss everyone off to get some damn attention to the problem. They looked at it and talked about it for 2 days again, and then no one cared.

I’d change forums if I wasn’t invested.


That can either mean management has oversight or management has lost contact to userbase.


Kind of a Counterpoint here,

But that is their job
To weed out all of the stupid arguments and bullshit posts and try to keep things non-hostile and public friendly


it means it’s super easy to argue you shouldn’t have to clean your room, when in reality, your mum does all the cleaning anyway.

The people arguing for no locks have no modding responsibility, and therefor wouldn’t have to contend with the state of the forum if locking was disabled anyway.


This is news to me.


Well, as long as there are rules that nobody can read, it is kinda true.

Don’t get me wrong, this is more of an “actually” statement. But still…


I argue that the form would continue on precisely as normal regardless or not if the ability to lock the thread existed

And honestly what is more annoying

1 ten topics that could be merged
2 1 old topic from a year ago that has prompted new conversations


Who is hurt by a thread popping back up on the main page for a few minutes?

Yes we can put a “no necro after 3 months except for art/project updates/etc.” in the rules, but a global autolock is too harsh.


Its a policy that the mods should follow. I agree that necro rules should be visible but this is a “If X does some shitty spam you mute him for X but you don’t ban him” type thing.


One mod already pruned half of the responses to this thread
and put them in a void
where no other user can see them
on the grounds that they said they were “off topic”


Within the rules of course, but it seems like Wolfleben made up the 3 month rule out of the blue, no one questioned it, and I have even seen 1 month old posts be called a necro.

Like come on keep the rules written down ffs.

Also you wanna fucking explain this shit?

This is- why I like vbulletin. You have to kill threads, you can’t be a dawn dictator about everything.