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Necro posts


Honestly I think closing a thread just because it’s old
Assuming that there is no shitposting going on
Is an overstepping of the bounds of a moderator


No, you are derailing the thread. I just purged this thread please discuss the topic at hand only.


I’m afraid filthy casuals like me may not be prompt enough to close, but that is a good idea to perhaps help the mods


Case in point
The only thing I’ve said so far is directly referencing And discussing the topic at hand

Someone basically removed points counterpoints and arguments in a sane and logical conversation about the meta and Rules of This Thread and casually just labeled them as off topic posts


Sorry but not if the title of it is any indication…


I really like this.


Legitimate Input is always welcome. We have thought about whats a good line and think 3 months is a reasonable timeline for most types of things here, keeping in mind that its a general “unless it is truly useful” you shouldn’t necro a topic over three months.

As I’ve mentioned, its not just a function for keeping things tidy, but there’s other things to consider like human factors, relevance, etc.


seeing as the OP has added no further input [hmm.jpg] I will add that I really cannot be arsed clicking on a thread on the top of the pile, only to find the majority of the posts are from 2017. This is a nothing burger. If a thread is old and someone can’t be bothered to read the dates, that’s their malfunction.


Can you state some examples of when it’s okay to break the rule? Just so it’s clear to everybody, it’s usually not okay to necro unless x, y, z…


One example of where it would be ok as far as I understand would be to respond with a solution to the original posts issue which had not been stated before.


I just want to avoid the possibility of something getting locked just because mod looks at the last post she’s at 6 months old and goes well locked
If that’s the case all thread should be automatically locked at 6 months because fuck it the users are too pissed off seeing an old thread at the top of the main page


Well most of the threads in the of topic section like the music and art ones and the photography one are necroed constantly.


Being that the threads disappear due to inactivity literally means necroing a thread doesn’t hurt anyone
No one would even be none the wiser if no one responds literally within 5 to 10 minutes it will be gone and out of sight I think the entire topic is kind of stupid

why lock it for the intent to put it out of sight
When if no one responds it will automatically be out of sight


Neither does locking one? Why are you so upset about this?

A necro’d thread from what I’ve seen is generally spam or highly unrelated content. After 6 months the user’s beliefs and setup could have changed.


@anon86814087 A perfect post to necro :wink: It would save us all problems if you had the solution


If a topic is being quote
necrod constantly
then is it not something that people are responding to actively and thus Not Dead?


Id say generally if its an unanswered question then this might be a good reason to reply to an old thread, but that its still worth considering if it would be more useful to make a new topic about it instead (is it more helpfully to a wider audience or just the OP. Even then though its also worth considering the time frame, are you answering a question the OP has obviously stopped caring about or solved? Will it help others if you reply or is it not reverent because its for Linux 0.1 from 1999 and your reviving a 7 year old thread (this has happened).

Things that are almost certainly no reason to revive and old thread are to say thanks, me to, reply with a post that’s is essentially pointless in the grander context, posting for the sake of just posting.

There’s a bit of common sense involved.

I think people to easily fire and forget without thinking, It’s always worth re-reading your post before replying and thinking where is this best to go as you can easily change it on the fly with the forum tools:


Because it scatters the same questions over tons and tons of topics.


Yeah, and a megathread is people asking the same questions, too. Often, getting ignored.

Look at Gnif raging out in the Looking Glass mega thread. Dude gets asked the same question daily.


But it would clean up on the big scale instead of the small one, like I said.