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Necro posts


It’s not going to happen so there’s no point in continuing to suggest its an actually solution. It’s ridiculous, not to mention it doesn’t fit into human behaviour. If you want a megathread go to a live chat room.


again OP can mute it easily on first notification if it’s not relevant.


Please keep it on topic.


If the rule is to stay, can we at least formalize the time window, and exceptions to it?

Can all of that also be up to the debate for a bit so we as a forum can decide what is acceptable necros and how long of a time it is before it’s necro?


When we split the thread, the old thread shows a link to the new thread.


No, they actually put good effort into the original post and the topic is directly related to them.

every off topic post is about to start disappearing


And a “new” user understands that linked hyperlink?

Unless there’s a big sign that says hey there’s a new answer here at this link provided

That linked thread can be easily scrolled passed


Discobot has a tutorial when you first join. Maybe people shouldn’t rush to ask a question that’s been answered 4,000,000,000 times.

You even get a badge for doing it.

Also, 3 month no necro rule? All in favor?

  • Yes
  • No

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as the rules of the internet state, lurk moar.


I vote yes but I’m partial to a smaller window


Kek. He (it?) PMs you. Maybe we can make a sticky about using discobot tutorial :grin: :joy:

7 Days? I can make a new poll…


It boils down to

Even if the post is 3 months old it’s a buried under a hundred other posts on the main page scroll list because of its inactivity automatically

Even if the thread ends up being Neck Road to the top of the main page if no one fucking response to it it will disappear literally within the next 10 minutes down the list and off the main page

I find there is literally no reason to interact with it even to lock it which will stop any other actual legitimate posts from happening in that thread ever again


As I said previously 1 month. IMO a week is a little short, especially for a hard limit.


Isn’t that the entire point of a debate?


if OP doesn’t get a response in 1 hour lock that thread, clearly the thread is dead.


In this case? No, the point is to establish a generalized set of rules for necro-posting


There is a giant magnifying glass on desktop and mobile next to your profile. They can search. If they’ve found their way to L1T forums they’re not that stupid (at least regarding technology).

Make a wiki post about it? I’m sure someone can program discobot to PM it to new users.


We have a draft of what the guideline is around this ready, its just gong through some vetting and getting an admin to update the FAQ. It’s not going to be a hard rule though, but is at 3 months as a guideline for most necro replies.


How about this: give the OP the option to close their own threads.
Someone necros, OP gets pinged, closes it, problem solved.


What about the whole

part? No voting?