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Yeah … it would. But somehow it seems more important to tidy up on the small scale than on the big one.


You have to keep in mind the human psychology to it as well. if your replying to an old thread who are you replying to? In a lot of cases its not the people who had previously talked in that thread, and an existing thread with many replies that’s 7 months old doesn’t encourage new thoughts or replies from new people.

In most cases, a new thread makes new discussion, even when referencing an old thread.

@Ruffalo people don’t read megathreads, those threads are where posts go to die and question go to get black-holed. The Linux one is a good example of this, but that’s another discussion.


Bois, we’re derailing with what ifs and conjecture. The fact of the matter is the rules on necros arent clear and it should be clarified. Lets leave that to the mods.


Oh boi
Kicked the Hornets nest


Every so often, when we come across one of those, we attempt to split it in to its own thread.

Then the resolution should already be in the thread.


Fact is, it aint a rule
And i, and many other find the concept dumb


I think the official policy should be that any post older than 1 month can be considered a necro unless there is a legitimate reason to necro I.E finding a solution to a problem. Most responses to posts older than that simply aren’t going to be constructive IMO.

This is pretty much it, “new to linux” posts can be tiresome but a megathread will never solve the issue simply because its impossible to have a continuous discussion on a single persons issues or questions. Honestly a lot of them could be fixed by a single FAQ but nobody reads those before posting either.


99.999% of this Entire forums postings
Arnt useful


Man, Aremis loosing it when he got some threads locked was amusing to watch.


Let’s not forget the fact that this forum operates on a system where posts that are replied to newest and frequently appear at the top of the homepage

IE: if people stopped replying to that thread it will automatically go down and out of sight out of mind and does not need to be locked


That might be true, but at least the OP and its respondents will be engaged by a “new” post. If its a month old most active forum members will be annoyed by such an “old” post, especially since 1/2 of the people who write such responses will never post beyond that.


There is merit to closing threads. If someone has a bluescreen error and they start a thread, does it make sense to then have someone else months down the road post in that thread with a totally different unrelated bluescreen error?

Does it help to have a shit ton of posts to sift through to find unhelpful answers?

cmon now, even 4chan has post limits.


23 posts were merged into an existing topic: Vacuum


That would exacerbate the problem, now that every post has been shoved into one place a new user has to read the entire thread, which they will not.
This is why we did away with hardware mega theads and will not introduce a “linux lounge”.

A user should use the forum search function for their topic to see if already has been answered and if not make a thread that in the future that discussion will more readily available to the next new user


Not necessarily the problem might be the same (X doesn’t do what I expect) but since time moved on it can have different resolution to it. (New way to change configs, or even entirely new way to solve the problem less painfully)


That would help a lot.
Sometimes it suggests stuff that is on here longer than I am…


In my forum experience, that will not help. There are always topics that are mega or sticky’ed that are meant to discourage spamming the same question, but they’re ignored. Which leads to threads being closed and new threads of “Why did my thread get closed?” in which replies point to the sticky – which is 5,000 to 10,000 posts of people screaming at each other over various religious, philosophical, political, or technological differences and it ends up being a major turn off to new users.

Just my opinion and experience on the matter :man_shrugging: It’s easy for me to scroll past “Moving to Linux, need pointers” than it is to see a sea of locked threads.

Also, I don’t scroll past those threads usually, as I try to help the way I wish I was helped back when I needed help and people just spammed me to a wiki or sticky thread and said “Search here”.

Again, all comes down to :man_shrugging:


This was acknowledged some time ago. Sadly it can’t be done.


Also note to thread lets please keep this on topic and not have it be another generic meta thread


And when we catch that, we attempt to split it into it’s own topic or let the OP know that they should create a new topic, this is to keep the subsequent replies from spamming the original OP.