NCIX builds AMAZING budget Build

Isn't it a great build? Why buy a Pentium/Athlon when you can get a fancy case, why save money and get a HDD and put money into said CPU when you can waste it on an SSD. Bottlenecks? What are those!?

I couldn't possibly think of a better build combo:
Sad part is at least they may got it running, I couldn't get my ITX build to boot yet.

nice build, makes me want to build one, I just have a laptop at the moment. I'm never buying a hard drive ever again.

Ya...them dislikes

You can always tell when intel users try to build AMD. :)


what do you mean?

Dear lord this is BAD.

My take on what should be done with this budget. could throw a high end i7 and a better graphics card into it later as well as add another 8gb of ram. Upgrade path is unbeatable. For an extra $50 you could add an ssd boot drive.

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Well, in the spirit of the video changing the GPU is kinda cheating.

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Okay. Here.

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"Intel Pentium G3258 3.2GHz Dual-Core Processor"
Please lord no

also I think he was mainly referring to CAD pricing

the build is mostly fixed by swapping the A4 CPU for an Athlon 845


Are you serious? it's the same performance as a 4 core amd chip and offers an upgrade path. To upgrade from AMD you have to throw out the motherboard.

You want 4 threads minimum for modern gaming, some games just won't run well on a dual core like GTAV or Far Cry 4, and minimum frame rates in general will suffer

for intel at minimum you'll want an i3 6100 at this point

And modern games suffer from per core performance of AMD chips. Your argument is irrelevant, they both suck, my choice just happens to have an upgrade path deal with it.

I would also go with the 845. But I would build it smaller, mITX. I would also try to find a highly efficient PSU. Because the upgrade path is to repurpose the machine as an HTPC and start from scratch. Regardless of what brand of chip is inside it.

The Athlon 845 does pretty alright for modern gaming, AM4 needs to hurry up so at least there's a path to zen though

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I'm not rehashing the same argument again. You like AMD, good for you, so do I.

Great looks ! but I still think their combos are marketing packages, on which they make good money, not that I mind, but to put them on a pedestal !!!!NOPE, and your research and smart thinking will always beat their kits. (not referring to the 6Gs and up rigs.......and even then)

when the cpu is cheaper than the case, you know you've gone wrong

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a pentium/celeron and a z170 motherboard seem like the best choice for any one starting to build a system now. but when amd releases AM4 motherboards an athalon build might be a good idea. even a sandybridge system provides a reasonable upgrade path over am3+ / fm2.

that said skylake supports linux gpu passthrough in almost it's whole line-up where in earlier generations only Q?7 chipsets have native support for it. haswell is the first generation to support overclocked CPUs with VT-D.

By that logic, you can upgrade the Pentium G3258 to a Core i5, which stomps the X4 845.

Right, but if you can only afford a G3258 how long is that i5 upgrade going to take?