NBA 2K13 Crashes


I've been having some trouble recently with nba 2k13. I'll get about a quarter into a game and the game freezes and eventually crashes to desktop. It started happening after I moved back to school. I've reinstalled the latest non-beta drivers from amd (asus direct cu II 7870). I also plugged my computer straight into the wall socket instead of in the power strip because I thought that it might not be getting enough power.

The only other thing that really happens when it crashes is that a message comes up saying that the amd drivers have stopped responding. If anyone has any suggestions that would be awesome. Thanks!


PS. Let me know if you need more info

i love you for playing 2k13 on pc i honnestly have no idea to help you but i also play nba 2k13 on pc i preordered nba 2k14 on pc and i feel like im in the minority for playing on pc