Navi12 news: SRIOV/HBM?

Guys - Interesting news I came across r/Amd on GPU firmware, shader engine and CU count for Navi12 (amongst other things). Interested in hearing your thoughts:

  1. Is Navi12getting HBM ?

  2. Is Navi12 getting SRIOV ?

Keeping fingers crossed. Hope at least the reset bug is fixed by the awesome work Geoff/gnif is doing. By the way, is the ode snippet below related to the Navi reset bug I keep reading about?

static int nv_asic_reset(struct amdgpu_device *adev)

/* FIXME: it doesn’t work since vega10 */
#if 0
amdgpu_atombios_scratch_regs_engine_hung(adev, true);


amdgpu_atombios_scratch_regs_engine_hung(adev, false);
int ret = 0;
struct smu_context *smu = &adev->smu;

if (nv_asic_reset_method(adev) == AMD_RESET_METHOD_BACO) {
if (!adev->in_suspend)
ret = smu_baco_reset(smu);
} else {
if (!adev->in_suspend)
ret = nv_asic_mode1_reset(adev);

return ret;

*above code snippet from, #328-350

Not the first launch to have a SRIOV rumour. Code or not. Fingers crossed indeed.

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That would boost AMD sales I think

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