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Navi randomly GPU hangs

i’ve been encountering a very annoying problem with my RX 5700.
ever since i got Navi, at complete random, the system would stop outputting anything at all to the displays, and just turn the displays off. a few minutes after this, the CPU hangs up.
this seemed to be complete random, so i held off making a post about it until i had a means of reliably recreating the issue.
it seems launching doom 2016 with “virtual texture page file” set to “low” is a great way to induce this issue at will. so i made a script to capture the dmesg when this happened, and it turns out the script was quick enough to save the dmesg output before the CPU got around to hagning up.
dmesg.txt (84.2 KB)

what can i do to stop this from happening? im getting very annoyed at having to power cycle my system every time this happens.

Seeing you are on Debian I just want to comment that I have been seeing similar issues to this with Fedora as well.

I don’t think the AMD gpu code is quite ironed out or quite ready. Kernel 5.3 was the initial release with navi support but it has had a few issues for me that I can’t look past yet. So I am dual booting to play games on Windows right now.

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UPDATE: i have found a much more reliable way to trigger this: playing the second level of Trover Saves the Universe causes this every time

when this happens,2 things can happen. either the dmesg is just flooded with
[drm:amdgpu_cs_ioctl [amdgpu]] ERROR Failed to initialize parser -125!


killlog.txt (74.4 KB)