Navi and Zen 2 Launching in Q3

Are you eagerly waiting to build with Zen 2 and/or Navi?
Now you know how long you have to wait.

Offering a brief update on the state of future products as part of its post-earnings conference call this afternoon, AMD has confirmed that both their upcoming Rome (Zen 2) CPU and their first Navi architecture GPU will launch in the 3rd quarter of this year.

This mentions Rome (EPYC), so we can probably expect Ryzen 3000 in Q4.

In other comments on their conference call, AMD did say that Navi will be priced lower than the Radeon VII, but at $699 for what’s their most expensive consumer card, this doesn’t really narrow things down. Overall, Q3 will be 2 years since AMD’s Vega GPU architecture launched and longer still since Polaris, so AMD’s entire GPU stack is potentially up for a refresh during the Navi generation.

Meanwhile Intel is sweating bullets as ice-lake SP won’t be ready until at least Q2 2020.
This also raises the question of how far along Nvidia is with their 7nm GPUs, or if they think Turing can hang with Navi (which history tells us it will) .




Nothing moar to add


Amd lost all the gusto. Its launch or die at this point.

If real-world performance is true to what has been demonstrated and rumors say, then hell they’re in a good spot for sure.

Wait whut?

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Awww. I liked the rumors of it coming out around June better.


They are delaying to piss you off, just you.


And it’s working!!!

:sob: :sob:


Pumped for Zen2 not sue if going Ryzen 3000 or TR 3000 yet

(video version of news)

I have heard from a so-called reliable source, the Zen 2 processors (Ryzen) have been ready since February. But the reason they aren’t available and probably won’t be until Fourth Quater or maybe not until the First quarter of 2020 is they are having problems with the new chipsets. If they had decided to go with the 450 or 470 chipsets, they would have been available by now. AMD decided to go with a new chipset instead of reusing the current chipset. It is my opinion the problems with the new chipset have to do with deciding to add 4.0 PCI instead of using the current industry standard of 3.0 PCI. I have decided I am not going to wait and see what Zen 2 has to offer. I will be building my new desktop using a Ryzen 1700 and a 470 chipset motherboard, so stay tuned for a build log from me.


I mean 1700 has had some crazy deals lately (was like $180) sry that was 1800x 1700 seems to be had for like $150 (

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Hasn’t it still got weird memory compatibility issues?

shouldn’t even need to say this but wait 3-4 months before purchase if you want to use either of these with linux


Sometimes Microcenter has Ryzen 1700 on sale for $150 if you are a preferred customer, which I am. I wonder if the problems with the new chipset has to do with changing from a 12nm to a 7nm instead of problems implementing 4.0 PCI. What do you think?

Tkohan I am not worried about not being able to use a Ryzen 1700 in Linux. As far as I know, they fixed all the problems the Ryzen 1700 had running Linux. I don’t plan on purchasing a Navi graphics card. The reason, I don’t have any faith AMD can produce a compelling alternative to Nvidia when it comes to graphics gaming cards.

@Jaycob they have fixed a lot of the weird memory compatibility issues the Ryzen 1700 had with the 400 chipset and BiOS updates. At Least that is what I have heard.

did I mention a 1700? this is a new hardware rumor thread

Prob Pcie 4.0 issues, new tech makes sense imo (but I am no system board engineer so no idea how much it would matter since its on cpu controller) could really be anything tho, even trying to clean out 2xxx stock.

I’m also guessing 4.0 because didnt the SoC stay like the same while cores shrinked and became chiplets?