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Naval and Maritime Tech


What can I say, lately I have been very interested in things maritime related. I got to see this beuty when I was in England. I was on the SS Cleveland in England during the first Gulf War.



If you ever make it over to Massachusetts you should check out the USS Constitution, which is in Boston. It is still on the US Naval Registry, which makes it the oldest commissioned naval vessel that is still floating (Britain’s HMS Victory is the oldest commissioned warship, but its been in drydock for years and isn’t seaworthy). Also the USS Massachusetts (a South Dakota class battleships from the 1930s) isn’t too far from there.



I didn’t know you were a military guy

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Old Ironsides is dope.



Saw the Massachusets just from the interstate. Wow what a sight!. Also stoped and visited the Alabam and a ww2 fleet sub (forget which) when I was going from CA to FL on my bike. I had a yamaha SECA 550 back in the late 80’s.
Would love to see The Constitution, when I was in the navy you could put in for duty on her but that was only for BM’s and such.

Was in the navy from 85 to 89

The sub was insanely small, made the knox class I was on look like a luxury liner



Very cool! If you don’t mind, what was your rate? I was a SWO, and just got out a couple of months ago.

I used to live near the Wyoming, which was fun to visit, but the Massachusetts was a more enjoyable site to visit because they really didn’t care where we went, so I got to crawl around the engine room amongst the boilers for a few hours.



I live in South London and popped over to see HMS Belfast on the weekend. Amazing, nothing like your Essex class carriers or Iowa’s but still not bad.

Its a real shame we didn’t have the money to preserve any battleships after the war. Would of loved to see HMS Warspite or HMS Vanguard kept as a museum ship.

Also if anyone goes down to Portsmouth, go online and get the full ticket, you get access to all of the different parts including the submarine museum in Gosport.



MM2, started out in the main engine room then moved to Aux1
“Set darken ship”
“Set darken ship Aux1 aye!”
It was worth the ass chewing I got :slight_smile:

darken ship is when a ship shuts off all outside lights, sets curtains on the hatches so no light excapes and no smoking on deck.
Aux1 supplies all electricity to the ship besides an emergency generator in another space, one pull of a lil yellow thingy shuts off the generators or SSTG’s. We had 3 turbine driven generators in Aux1 running off 1200 lbs steam

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Served on a LA Class Attack Sub and been on a few of those. Been on the HMAS Darwin, USS Nimitz, and a Japanese Sub I can’t remember the name of. Also, been on the Frank Cable Sub Tender too.

Visited the USS Lexington (CV), USS Texas (Dreadnought), USS Yorktown(CV), USS Clamagore (SS)

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