Natural Selection 2 Key for trade

I have an extra Natural Selection 2 key in my inventory sitting there collecting dust. I thought I might as well trade it away. Add me on steam if you're interested in trading, but please leave trade offers below. Thanks!

Oh yeah, my Steam is:

Hey man id love to take that key off your hands :) looks like an awesome game! Ive got a few games that I could possibly trade you. On steam I got Medal of honor, dead space, burnout paradise and command and conquer red alert 3. And on origin I have 1 copy of mirrors edge. If your not interested in any of those games or you already have all of them I would happily take Natural selection 2 off your hands for free :3 We don't want it to get too dusty.

ill trade populous for it

I'm really interested in the game Papers, Please if anyone has a spare copy of that.