Native YouTube app removed on iOS 6

It's a little old news but I still get oblivious people calling me asking where YouTube has gone when they upgrade from an older device that can't go past iOS 4.2.1.

Simply put, Apple has had a native YouTube app since before Google started putting ads in videos for monetization. Apple's policy made it impossible for Google to impliment ads onto the native app as they had no control over the app. So they basically told Apple that they will develope a YouTube app for the App Store to replace the native app. Guess what, they did, and they implimented ads in videos on the app.

Yea my mom has been bugging the hell out of me about it.

Loled hard.  Really the only thing you can do is not buy apple again.  I can understand engineering mistakes like scractes or "you are holding it wrong" becuase the antenna is poorly designed.  But the lack of freedom in the app side is crazy.  Removing google maps and making impossible for you to install it and removing the youtube app and making it impossible for you to install is just dissrespecting to their customers who often times pay more for the apple experence.  If the apple experecne is "Fuck you go die in a hole"  It wont be long before the bottom falls out of Apple and they pull a Black Berry.