Native Gnome/Linux Notifications in Chrome?

A shot in the dark, does anyone know of a way to get native notifications in Chrome, rather than Chromes implementation of them?

Maybe a chrome plugin can receive chrome notifications and then turn them into native ones.

Found this and this (second one has very low rating)

Yeah the first is Unity only, the latter doesnt work. Though looking at the code it might not be to difficult to create something, im thinking about how to do it at the moment.

The description for the first one says that it should support Gnome, but chrome says it is incompatible because "plugin for Unity" is missing, no idea what plugin they are referring to.

Yeah, it shouldn't be that hard to write one though, easiest way would probably be to just make it run notify-send, (if chrome plugins can run shell commands). Ah ok you need a receiving portion running outside the browser.

BTW, be sure to report back if you succeed.