Nasty Ransomware Holds Files Hostage

Be careful out there. There's some malware out and about that is wreaking havoc. The group responsible uses the malware to lock-down PC gamesaves and other file types until the owner pays a specified amount in Bitcoin or PayPal My Cash cards.

Stay safe, and feel free to discuss your thoughts below.

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Linux Bitches

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That's a bit like the old saying of "macs don't get viruses", these sorts of threats target Windows users because there are likely more of them that don't know any better - low hanging fruit.

I'm not saying we don't get viruses, I'm saying as long as you stick to the repos you prolly won't have any issues. Also yes we are smaller which is why viruses don't run on us they're all made for windows and macs. Linux has like 50 viruses or somthing ridiculus like that