NAS write error in transmission and Utorrent in Linux issues

I'm trying to download some legitimate programs from a torrent site with utorrent server. I tried to specify a network location for it to save my files.

It didn't go there.

In the web browser utorrent thing I can't open the location of the files like i could in the windows version.

Does anyone know the default download location for utorrent server in Ubuntu?

I recommend you use Transmission on Linux.
utorrent is soo Windows....

well bad argument....
Unless something in utorrent you really love and need i would recommend using transmission.

Honestly i think this is highly suspicious! You don't have to mention what you do if it doesn't help the question. Right now it works against you :p


Was trying to head off all the posts saying downloading of torrents for illegal stuff was wrong or some other bull. So far the three other forums I frequent gave me either no answer or berated me for using a torrent site or program. Was trying to avoid the argument

Also, while Transmission was great, it doesn't want to save stuff to my nas. The torrent fails every time within 10 seconds.

You download on a computer and then move it over the network to the NAS? (i know both are computers....)

Uninformed opinions are indeed annoying...

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Yeah, my nas isn't exactly the most powerful thing. But, it's file transfers are awesome. On windows, I would run Utorrent, and just have the program save everything to my nas no matter what. And it would work really fast. But, if I download to this pc, downloads go slow because no SSD's on this rig.

What speed of internet you got that you need a SSD to keep up on your internet connection? XD

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100MB down, 10MB up.

but i think the NAS ain't properly connected. How do you connect to the NAS what protocol? because i think there is the issue.

I found a way around this that fixed the whole issue. I started up a Windows 7 VM that I had, downloaded uTorrent for it, and then pointed that to my NAS.

My nas is an older PC running Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials. Cause the rest of my house is Windows based.

So I just connected that to my Essentials server and it all worked out. Going to uninstall uTorrent server from Linux machine.

I followed the tutorial on YouTube that @wendell did for running Win7 in Seamless so that this way I can run programs I need from Windows without hassle.

it works........

but.....lets not recommend this to other people to do :p
Your issue with Transmission and NAS should also be looked upon.
but if you want to fix that recommend to look into it and make a new thread or rename this.

I don't like that that doesn't work as it should.

you can either configure it in settings or whenever you click a magnet link or download page. Utorrent will have a popup where you want to place it.

make sure all of your sharing settings are correct

I can't for the life of me figure out why Transmission fails to upload to my nas. But try as I might it just does. I could have it download the file to my Linux drive, then transfer it to my nas through the file browser, but that sounds like too much work.

I wonder if Ubuntu would let me make a folder that directs all files placed in it to be automatically transfered to the nas? Think that might work?

what error is it giving? recheck the files after it fails and see if you have a data discrepancy

It doesn't even GET to placing a file to download to. I grabs seeders, and within a second of downloading it fails. I'll try again this afternoon.

That is indeed very strange. Only thing i can think of is that it doesn't have write permission.


Have you mounted the NAS share on the Linux machine or are you trying to save the files to a network path?

If it is mounted then it's likely a permission issue.

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Deluge... The best (In my opinion) I seed Distros (BlackArch / Kali/ Tails etc)

BitTorrent technology is used for many things. Berating people for using it is just ignorance.

I like transmission for its simplicity and its CLI.

but its negative side is if you got a lot of torrents you are seeding. Then you are bound to cli to make sense of it.

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I belive I used it on Linux Mint (bundled with OS), but had previous experience with Deluge so I stuck with it.

Think as GPL alternative to Utorrent that Deluge is indeed better recommend. It look somewhat similar in style. Were transmission is different.