NAS without accessing to Router

Hey, so this might be a stupid question.

So I want to connect all my Storage Device into a network that I can access without plugging the external into the device I want to access the data. I know I shouul just do a NAS but according to my understanding that NAS is a network attach storage. But I do not have access to my school network. So I want to find out are there any way I could access all my data from my storage device without connecting to my school network. What would be the hardware require? I have 2 extra computer that I'm not using that can be wipe and put anything on (i.e. Linux or whatever). Also is it possible that I can make a close network and then just connect that as one device to the network so that I don't get in trouble with my school.

Thanks anyway

I don't really understand what you wanna do, I guess, I'm not sure...

You want to build a box with all of your data on it.
You don't want it to be connected to a network.
You have a bunch of parts to build the thing.

Correct so far?

Yes it would be nice if I can access it anywhere but I know that in order to do that I have to access to the internet. I'm not sure whether I can combine the whole chain and connect to the network as showing as 1 computer. But first i think ill stick with just local network. Get a router so it can be wireless but still not connect to internet

I'm sorry im noob in networking,

Whilst, as above, I'm slightly confused as to what you are wanting to create;
A NAS connected to your home internet connection, with some software such as owncloud allowing external access may be what you are looking for, however, the level to which your school network is locked down may affect availability at school;
other than that, I Imagine that would be the solution you desire; a locally hosted, internet accessible storage solution?

Yes pretty much a NAS but since my network connection is limited I think I could just get a router and make my network be independence of the school network and connect to it through my router. It would be nice to connect to the internet so I can access to it anywhere but that can come later

Generally, the network protections used at school would mean that you wouldn't be able to / would gain no functionality from connecting your own router, as the traffic would still be passed through their routing / firewall appliances.

To get an unfiltered connection, you can use a mobile hotspot or 4G router, though this can get expensive, and is dependent on signal.

As for your NAS, If you connect it at home, using OwnCloud, it should be fairly trivial to make it externally accessible, though it will be bottle necked (most likely) by your home internet speeds, and bandwidth caps (If they apply)

Setting up a Router / NAS (Essentially your own LAN) at school, would, in my mind not really be possible unless you have a 4G router and liberal teaching / IT staff :P

Alright so ur saying that even if I get a router I would not able to host a network just accessing data from my hardrive without going though the internet? Im just trying to do like the storage stick that host it own wifi so i can access the data without plug it into my computer

This is what I"m talking bout by the way

In school, I would assume no, unless the infrastructure is very poorly designed.
The best option would be as above; an Owncloud box set up at home accessed through the internet,
I imagine that it would (usually) be accessible through the school network, or you could ask for it to be white listed.

That way, your devices with an internet connection would all be able to connect.

As for a wireless storage device, Most self-built setups for this would be massively logistically restricted, unless you plan to cart around a PC and power cables :P

Well setting the server at my home is not possible since im international student and i could just leave the PC at my room and only access it within the range or my room would that be possible. I'm sorry if i sound like a moron but i really dont know what im doing

If you got a separate router, only hooked the "NAS" stuff to it, and manually set all of their IPs you could access that data while connected to that router.

It would not be connected to the internet.

Your main PC could connect to both your local storage, and the internet at the same time, but you would need 2 Ethernet ports, 2 Wifi cards, or one of each.

Sweet that is what I'm trying to do and the speed and stuff would be limit to the router speed/storage speed right? And can I use old computer instead buying a router?

Yes, you could install pfsense and turn a PC into a router. Just be sure to have ample Ethernet ports and a Wifi card for wireless.

wait what do i have to with the Ethernet port? Would i just need the wifi cause im just gonna use that to connect my other device to it?

Yes, you could do it by wifi alone. I wasnt sure if you wanted Ethernet ports or not, but yeah, wifi-only would work out fine, as well.

Where would this be located?

It sounds like what you really want is a home/VPS NAS that you can access remotely (despite that you mentioned otherwise).

I ask where its located because i assume your not going to haul around your own network where ever you go?

It would be locate in my room and I kind of give up on accessing the data though the internet because of the school wont let me do that. I would leave this in my room so i can access data it when im back into my room pretty much

Oh yah wifi alone would do it for me non of my device really do Ethernet cable anyway. So i just need to put freeNass or something similar on that PC and I should be set right?

When you say the school wont let you, im guessing your internet is provided by them and these are dorms?

That makes sense.

In that case, i think its been said.

School network > Your router > NAS and computers

This should work.

If you dont have a lot of data to store you can even use a portable drive into the router and have the router serve it as network storage. That way you can take it with you easily.

Well portablitiy is not really a problem I just need way to access my data without plug it in everytime i want to use it. And what do you mean by "School network > Your router > NAS and computers" Im in dorm room and i dont think school would allow me to tamper with their network without getting fined xD

Basically i just want to do what the sandisk stick above do but at a greater scale. Sorry for being confusing