Nas vs external gaming

I cant decide on a nas or an external hard drive dock for gaming, mostly for single player games so not to fussed about boot times.

I have 5 x 3.5 hard drives all 7200rpm, My current laptop is an asus tuff fxdt505 with usb 3…how ever Im saving up for one of those new Asus ROG Zephyrus G14

I have no care for raid

I was looking at the yottamaster here in the uk due to it being under £200 and using kettle plugs and not those external power supplies
Reason I mentioned nas is some says I can use ethernet for storage transfer…
Thanks for any help or info

If you have no need for raid, then you will save money on the External HDD.

Otherwise, I would look at the NAS as a backup tool that allows you to also use it as a warm storage device.

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