NAS suggestions for technologically impaired parents?

Hi guys,

I'm just after some recommendations for NAS solutions for my technologically impaired parents.

They travel and have a 2 year old granddaughter, so they take hundreds of photos, and have a decent amount of them stored on their 6 year old laptop, with no backup solution. The drive in the laptop has failed once already, but we sent the disk off to a data recovery firm and it was okay in the end.

But, lets say the drive was completely dead and nothing could be recovered. The photos (and other important documents) would lost for good.

Essentially, I'm looking for a basic NAS solution which has an auto-backup feature for around £150 (total), which I can set up and leave it to run automatically. Features like an intuitive user interface and scheduled backups would be nice! I like the look of the Synology DS115j, and that's what I'm favouring at the moment.

So let me know if you guys have any experience with this kind of thing, or this particular product.


For those needs i would look at a qnap brand 1 or 2 drive nas

WD mycloud sounds like it would do what you need it for.