NAS Server Considerations for Home PLEX and Smarthome VMs

I am looking to build a home NAS mostly for a PLEX Server to run multimedia in UHD 4K with HDR and with HD audio. I am also looking to do some home automation with this machine as well. I am looking to grab a used Dell R-710 8 3.5 bay drives or a Synology 8 3.5 bay drives. I am looking at best option for the money. I don’t have a lot of money to spend. I am also looking to build out a new Ubiquiti enterprise grade network to go with it with 5 802.11 AC Pro Access Points. I need help with what I should go with, why you think I should, and potentially help setting it up. I am a networking professional and do computer stuff for fun. Thanks again.

Also, each of the applications that I listed above and directly below are going to be on their own VM. I need a good OS plus a good VM software product that will allow me to do this easily. This is my first NAS, so please bear that in mind. Also, I could be looking to transition this system into a server that provides IOT sort of things where I can provide storage, network connectivity and other things as a service.

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Do you have specific questions in mind or are you just looking for a basic introduction?

I’d suggest looking at some guides on Unraid, proxmox and esxi before making a final decision. Do you have a system you can use for testing the setup before spending hundreds of dollars? If not I’d suggest buying a potato system and trying the software.

You can do everything you want on bare Linux. Worth trying that too.

Well You are off to a good start with the your equipment. For you to run 4k Videos from plex you will need alot of power and memory. What are your current specs for your R710?

If Plex needs so much power and memory, what’s its advantage over just using DLNA to browse a nice folder tree where your media is organized? That’s what we do and its fast and easy to set up and maintain (basically zero effort). Synology NAS has it built in, even. My dad set us up with that because he alrady spends enough time working on computers and didn’t want another project, just something that works nice and that even I can use. :smiley_cat:

Have you taken a loot at plex, what it can actually do?

Right now I have a Dell Poweredge R610 with 96gigs of ecc ram and dual Zeon E5645 running my plex server and connected to that I have 2 old Buffalo NAS with about 30Tib of storage just for my 4k+ movies and about 300 tv shows. I have 10 people connecting to my plex server and any given time and I can stream to them at the same time with no issues and still still streeam at home.

Well that’s why I asked. We don’t need anything even remotely close to that. And without having a movie-library-measuring contest, we have tons, too. :slight_smile:

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