NAS/PVR Operating System

So I have an old PC laying around (Q9550/8GBDDR3/Mobo with 4 SATA Ports) and my plan is to biuld an NAS/PVR system.
I want to place the Backups of my PC's on there and record TV shows with my WIN TV HVR 5500.
For strorage I got 2*500GB HDD witch I plan to use for the TV shows and 2*1TB HDD for the Backups.
Firstly I wanted it to run run FreeNAS but now that I got the recording card I want to add a function and don't think that FreeNAS is able to do this job.
Does anybody have a setup like this with one machine running both functions? I am very new to linux but am willing to learn since I want to switch later this year with my main PC to Linux.

FreeNAS can run MythTV to record shows. Just check your Card for compatibility with FreeBSD (what FreeNAS is based on)

Okay I'll give it a shot.