NAS not showing up on router

my nas (drobo) is not showing up on the router under dhcp clients. is there a setting i need to enable on the router?

the router is recognizing the device under services > usb

i'm using dd-wrt. it looks like this link shows how to enable it, but now i'm not sure which method to use. what i want to be able to do is access it using my windows machine or separate linux machine over the network, i won't need to access it outside of the network.

Wait so is the Nas connected via USB to the router or is connected via ethernet on the network?


I would just recommend you plug it in Via Ethernet, your going to have the easiest time with that and it probably wouldn't be a problem. If you plug it in via usb, its not going to appear as a DHCP client. DHCP clients are only those connected via Ethernet.

that makes sense. unfortunately it's only usb. i'm trying to SSH into the router with puTTY so I can try to mount the nas, but puTTY keep's telling me i'm using the wrong password, but i know i'm using the correct password because i just used it to log into the router via the browser.

The root password for SSH and the password you log into the router may be different

how do i find/set the root password for SSH?

That's something that I would guess you would have to set during the initial setup of the router.

got it, i'm in. now i just need to mount the device. thanks for your help.