Nas Information Video?

hey team! I was wondering if you could make a video on NAS solutions. What makes a good NAS, why dedicated atom processors matter? What makes a NAS capable of FAST data transfers? what do you get with entry level consumer NAS systems versus $300+ prosumer / professional based systems. 

I purchased a WD mybook live and its shit. Im getting a max of 3mb/s speeds sometimes only 500- kb/s.. 

I want to upgrade to something better without breaking the bank. 50mb/s would be enough for someone like me. 

Any personal help or even a video to educate others would be great! 

 Regards: Angel.

PS- update beergamesbeer more often!  

Freenas open source= gold!! similar to pfsense

Can it be installed on any pre-made NAS system like my WD my book live? Will it allow my other devices (mobile) to read and write to it?

Not sure, check freenas web site

FreeNAS is the dog's testies, I bought a dedicated server for this purpose and chucked Windows Home Server on it.  Really the only cost is going to be physical storage because you can pick up a second hand PC or build your own for much less than £100.  Personally I'm a great fan of using the Raspberry Pi as a NAS

yes, freenas. go through the extra steps to use zfs and whatnot. we have all the video shot and broll for a video of this just have to put it together. 

Actually, if I'm not giving too much away, we show you how to do two things:

Run Jails (which is newly improved to the point of not being terrible in FreeNAS 9) -- this means you can install 'appliances' to do your bidding on top of your storage.

BUT wait there is more! We also show you how to, if you are crazy and have the right hardware, run VMWare on a box and then pass through your hard drive controller to freenas so you can run full-tilt virtual machines on the same hardware, and use freenas for a storage backend. I have this setup at home now. It is pretty epic. 

 The jails thing works on 'freenas on bare metal' just as well as 'freenas in a virtual machine' -- the 'freenas in a virtual machine' also lets you run windows servers, or game servers, or whatever. it is a nice/tidy arrangement having virtual machines you can spool up and kill off as your needs ebb and flow. With FreeNAS being the ever vigilant guardian of your storage. That will happily email you if anything is slightly weird.

+1 for FreeNAS.