NAS Help

Hello. I just got an old computer from my parents and I want to turn it into a NAS. I was wondering, where do i begin? What do i need besides a computer?

if you are curious, it is an HP Pavilion a6700y. I think the specs are decent enough for a NAS.

this should get you going, hope it helps:) doesnt work. :-(

Now it does :P

Yeah freenas is pretty rad. I would go with that.

thanks. If you do you freeNAS, what file system do you use and what raid method do you use, if applicable?

one more question. i dont have too much HDD space right now. Can you add more drives later? Would you have to re-stripe anything or erase data?

Another thing to think about when using freenas: The creators reccomend against installing to a hard drive and instead putting it on a flash drive or compact flash card and booting off it every time.

Personally I would just go with Debian minimal and Samba, or FreeBSD on ZFS with samba.

Thanks everyone. I decided on FreeNAS.