NAS build [help]

Firstly this is for an Plex server as my current qnap prebuilt nas is finally full and I’m wanting to actually build something that will last that’s not gunna cost me 10k

I have just bought a case: TGC-4824
Backplane has 8086 connections by the looks.

I’m thinking of buying an EPYC 7401P CPU as it’s relatively cheap for what it is. (at least if I buy it before the listing is gone)
Also looking at getting EPYCD8-2T SP3 as the board.
And these memory sticks: Micron 16GB (1x16GB) DDR4 RDIMM 3200MHz CL22 1Rx4 ECC Registered.

Firstly I am wanting to confirm these are all compatible with eachother.

Secondly, other than the case because I have already bought it, everything else is open for alternatives/advice.

I was originally going to go with a simple consumer ATX build with a ryzen 5k series chip, but as the fans in the case are 1.4A and are not suited for consumer motherboard fan headers (and I assume replacing them with noctua fans will dramatically increase hdd temps?)

Also to note, if there’s a decent server board that I can use with ECC memory that’s capable of running those fans, that would also be a winner.

This will purely be used as a plex server, so will likely stay with CPU transcoding, though I may add a gpu just for the display out if required.

Also not sure on unraid/freenas as yet, but going ZFS was my intention with either 4 or 6 drive vdevs

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