Nanoxia Deep Silence 1

Does anyone have any experience with this chassis? Haven't been able to find too much out about it on the usual sources, tho from what I've read it's really impressive. Would love to hear more about it

Asking due to finding a really good deal on it, round about $130 while the Define R4 is roughly $180. Was going to wait for the R5 to get over there but it'll probably be closer to the $200 mark so ehhhh u know

Nanoxia has the same build quality as Fractal cases, and has nearly identical aesthetics and features... if you ever see a Nanoxia cheaper than a Fractal case... buy it... Nanoxia normally runs a little higher than Fractal on the price tag...  I actually like them a little better because of the two doors on the front, you don't have to move everything in front of the case to access the optical drive... seems like a very trivial issue, but it's practically the only difference :P

Cheers man, went to buy it but they were out of stock and didn't decide to post that on their site :'(

I like the deep silence over fractals for one reason.  The active chimney thing, albeit a bit cheesy, offers a closed, silent top when you want or need it, and if you decide to overclock and do some hardcore gaming you can easily open the top up for better performance.  The R5 has those panels, but you have to manually remove or install them, the nanoxia you just slide a lever.