N900 "Speed" Dual Band Router/Adapter

Hi All,

I've been googling and can't find an answer to this question:  With a dual band N900 router and a dual band N900 adapter, is 900mbps speed possible by somehow connecting to both bands?  Or is it simply that the adapter and router combination allows for the option of 450mbps on one band or 450mbps on the other?

If it's at all relevant I'm using a Netgear WNDR4500 router, and a TP-Link TL-WDN4800 adapter.

Thanks for the help!

Nope, it is one of the stupid limitations, and marketing liew from router makers. N900 means 450mbit on each band, but it never allows a single client to use both at the same time, or even create a wireless bridge using both bands. There is nothing technically stopping them as both can function at the same time, The technology also already exists since modern wifi uses multiple streams, for example, 802.11n uses multiple 150mbit streams to make up their 450mbit speed, and all they would need to do is make the router use the streams on the other band as part of a single overall connection.

Dude, you rock!  Thanks for the answer.  I wanted to fully understand my hardware limitations to know the extent of testing I can perform for the Steam In-Home Streaming beta I received an invite for.

Here's a second question if someone wouldn't mind: Given that my adapter and router support 450mbps on both bands, does it make any sense to use the 5GHz band if the 2.4 has a slightly stronger signal?  5GHz (fair) vs 2.4GHz (good).


Get two wireless dongles, one for each band.

Use this.