Mythbusters Announced Final Season

Mythbusters just announced their final season will be starting soon. Makes me really sad and nostalgic, but at the same time excited to see what their doing next. Won't lie, I don't even have cable, so I never get a chance to watch, need to buy sets one of these days. I get most of my exposure to them through now (mostly Adam...), which I hope expands. Jamie sounds pretty ready to get back to work off camera, can't blame him I guess. They really inspired me to take my already interest in working on things myself and making things more seriously when I can.

How does this make everyone feel? Know anything about the show they mention producing next?

:'( Oh well, it was fun while it lasted. At least we live in a time where things get properly archived, at least we can watch stuff on Netflix and other services.

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LOL. There is a sick part of me that laughs at every grumpy cat meme...

they've been on for 14 seasons. they're done.

I watched up to (and through) the season where they released the build team from the show. It was at that point that I knew that they had, essentially, "run out of ideas." A good bit of them were coming from the internet and viewer-base, which had mixed results.

Part of me wishes that they would have taken the Archimedes Laser Cannon all the way to fruition. shrugs

I haven’t seen any of the recent season, but I would assume they’d run out of ideas to ‘mythbust’ eventually. Honestly I really just want to watch a show where they build things, and I think the internet is a great avenue for that. Jamie has no interest in being on camera again but I’d love to see the stuff he ends up doing documented a little bit at least.

Used to watch mythbusters all the time when I had cable. Have lost track for a handful of years now though. Always enjoyed their content.

Although I do not watch or follow it regularly, there is a Youtube channel called Tested that often shows Adam's creative side. It can be pretty interesting to watch, because rather than being presented with this spastic bundle of energy, you get to see a more directed creative side of him. This is a terrible comparison, but it can be like Martha Stewart with Science.


Love the show, and it's sad to see them go away soon. Maybe we'll see more of them in cameos, since M5 SFX Co. ain't goin' away soon.
No more lovely explosions and Buster :'(

You can find most episodes on Watch Series

Otherwise I just hope this means their budget gets inflated and they can do all the crazy shit they always wanted to do.

I don't have cable either and I used to watch them and junkyard wars all the time. The feels

Oh so they're still on. Hadn't heard much about them even if I have peeked at Tested a couple of times like Adam's one day builds.
Probably have like five seasons to catch up on. Some day.

Oh man Junkyard Wars! Just looked that up, they ran until 2010, had no idea, but I always thought that show seemed less spontaneous than they let on.

I used to watch then all the time but, the last few seasons since they changed the format I didn't really like it. the Hot Water heater is still one of my favoured Episodes.

Due to travel, I've not been able to catch up much on the program, but like a few other (similar) programs, it was definitely a way to build interest in science related topics. The same guys did the chain reaction program (I can't recall the proper title, sorry) and that was more of a light-hearted thing. I wonder what the plan is for that.

The exit interview(s) were/are interesting, but based on a broadcast I saw about the 'behind the scenes', both Adam & Jamie are pretty straight- talking and not too worried about each others feelings being hurt :)

Honestly I think it should have been a couple of seasons ago. I personally got bored with Mythbusters when they started the whole "please don't switch over! We'll show you explosions we promise!", the three extra folks were clearly there for appeal to younger demographics. It became less about the process and science and became more about jangling keys in front of peoples faces. I think the best seasons were the best when it was just Adam & Jamie (Tory and Kari being involved wasn't awful originally), it was more focused and more genuine; you didn't cringe every time they introduced a myth.
However that doesn't mean that I won't miss it, I grew up with it, and it truly was an amazing show in a lot of ways.