Mystery Motherboard?

I had a 479 core duo (not core 2) in an AOpen 945 board and it was a thing of beauty. Intel really dropped the ball not going the dual core Pentim M route.

wat lol that wouldn't have been possible as they were Pentium 3's. Plus it would not have boosted performance at all.

Must be using a beefy cooler xD

Not really, stock HP cooler in a SFF machine.

Good to know that HP knows what they're doing with coolers

Yeah they used a tweaked P3 architecture. It was better than the P4. That's what the Core 2 was based off.

Uhhhhhh, no they literally took the P3, added cache, and made PAE not immediately available unless you forced it. Theres literally 0 difference aside from cache and PAE between a pentium M and 3. Just because they're even clocked higher doesn't mean much because there were super high clock P3's as well.

The P3 didn't clock as high as the P4. Not even close, but the shorter pipe design was better. That's why the Intel board got canned when they went chasing Ghz with HT and AMD opened up a lead with the A64.

I thought this was common knowledge.

It is, and I'm not disagreeing with you on pipeline speed, I'm just saynig that intel rebadged pentium 3's lol. They would have had to punch a shit load more money than they were actually willing to push into the fab to get dual core pentium 3's, especially in an age where AMD wasn't saying shit about how they did it. They would have had to look at SPARC and other big endian processors and see how it was done in order to get anywhere unless they invented their own thing, which they did. And even the I still say a dual core P3 wouldn't have been worth the money. They already were stretching the chip way out with the pentium M line as it was.