Mysterious Windows 7 Update Without Downloading/Installing Any Updates

So ever since Microsoft introduced rollup updates (where you can no longer choose what updates you want and install them separately) I've not been updating. Yes, I'm aware of the danger involved. I'm in the process of switching to Linux.

But a few weeks ago, I got a dialog box that said something like, "you must restart your computer to finish installing updates." Sorry, I don't have a screenshot. Of course I ignored this. When I did eventually have to shut my computer down, I was expecting to have Windows 10 shoved upon me. Everything seemed normal the next time I was on. I did a virus and malware scan afterwards with no results. I haven't noticed any strange behavior with my computer, so I don't believe I've been infected with anything.

Still, that dialog box has me troubled. Has anyone else experienced this?

Sometimes installing software or packages like .net will make changes on restart from what I remember. Havent updated my win7 install in well over a year.

What are you using for anti-virus? I know Avast will require a restart when it does a program update.
If it was an MS update you'd be able to find it in Windows Update under Update History.

Well with the roll up patch system you don't get to choose of you do updates any more. You get them. No option.

I heard they forced a couple of updates even to the pirated Windows versions recently, which to me sounds more than mysterious. If there wasn't a gov backdoor I don't know what that was about really. This is like it was with with the whole Win 10 upgrades where users in certain countries (China I think, correct me if I'm wrong) could upgrade even from pirated version, and in other coutries - no way. Not that anyone should use Windoze 10, a crapware and spyware that it is. Microsoft has always done sketchy things with Windows, I hope more people start to realize it.
To me no amount of MS Office and Adobe is worth it to tolerate all this other bullshit. The probability to get ransomware in Windoze is so high it's not even funny. Sure it happens to some Linux boxes, but usually those are targeted attacks to companies machines via email attachments, on windoze one couldn't even trust it to surf the web unless you lock it down completely - and then it becomes such a pain to use that one would wish to migrate to anything, even Gentoo.

I second the question about your Anti-Virus. Worked on a relative's box toward the end of November that auto-installed an update for Microsoft Security Essentials AV with no install warning. Let me log on to their system and see real quick, when the update installed on their box...November 29th. So if you are using MSE, Microsoft could have been updating their AV program on your box. Checking the update history is the quickest way to find out.

Then how come when I check Windows Update, it still lists there are updates available?

I use Avast, and it's always let me know when there's an update available for installing. It's always been forward about what it's doing. There are no new updates listed in the Windows Update history. Perhaps it's time to use an online scanner as a second opinion.

Silverlight maybe?

I haven't bothered to install Silverlight since I reinstalled. I can't think of anything that I have set to automatic updates. I always set things to let me know when an update is available. I dislike my computer doing things without my knowledge.