Mysterious Slot On Acer AspireOne KAV10 D150 Motherboard

Theres a weird slot on the motherboard of my netbook. I thought it was a hidden ram slot at first but it isn't, then I thought "Well maybe for those tiny HDD's like in the ipod?" but it isn't SCSI and the thing is from 2008. I don't have any idea what the damn thing is. It isn't Sata, it kind of looks like the old wireless card slots?

I was hoping someone here know what it was. If I can get more functionality out of this thing that would be amazing :D

Maybe its just for factory? But it has space in there for something to BE there...


seconded, need a photo.

Could be PCI or PCIe, some laptops had them. Are there screw holes on the board at any points that could be used for anchoring a device or is it brackets like RAM?

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I am guessing it's a mini PCI slot or a MXM slot.

@Gabe_Gabe @SgtAwesomesauce

And it isn't sata....

Definitely looks like MXM to me.


Yep Looks MXM too me

But thats for GPU's isn't it? What the hell would go in there? Plus the Atom in there only has like 2 or 4 PCIe lanes so that wouldn't really make sense to me.

Fuck man if I can put a REAL gpu in here...... Hmmm.....

I'm not sure. Does the atom share a chipset with an i5 (or core2)?

If it does, it's definitely one of those "it was easier to just use the same motherboard" situations. It may not support a GPU in there because of PCIe lanes..

No this is a 2008 netbook with a chip that came out in 2006 (N270)...

I'm Intrigued but I have no clue where to look and I know Acer won't tell me shit....

From the wiki page:

Most Acer Core 2 Duo era notebooks with discrete graphics cards support MXM.

So, I'm going to stand by my second statement above:

I wonder what could go in there. Like a 9400? Theres space for a card there so I have to assume.


I'm intrigued.

This has to be an MXM slot.

I think it might be for a 3G card.....

Just google for pics on the model name, there are always Ebay listings around for such old machines:

Connector looks like first pic bottom left, or second pic bottom right .

This is definitely not MXM, deducted by the aspect ratio from left/right side of the notch.
It is more likely a mSATA slot for a SSD (but I believe some netbooks actually used proprietary format PATA SSDs) and/or mini PCIe networking (3G/Wifi)

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Looks to just be another spot for a wireless card for when the unit comes with the ability to connect to cell networks.

Hmmm, well the wifi slot is on the opposite side of the board. I'm thinking possibly 3G now but it looks like the card that was the option for that was WIFI-b and 3G all in one...

If its for an SSD the mPCIe ones are cheap as fuck.

17 bucks for 128 gigs?! Thats nuts man.

As others have suggested, it is almost definitely a mSata/mPCIe slot (same form factor, however, still different). My Acer Netbook has two of those ports; one for a network card, and the other is empty (probably for bluetooth expandability as well).

To find out whether it's mSata or mPCIe, I have no idea how to do it, aside from checking the manufactures website of the laptop/logicboard.

mSata slot only supports Sata SSD's, while mPCIe is generally used for network cards (wifi/bluetooth). If you put an SSD inside of mPCIe, or a network card inside of mSata, it will not work, most of the time (if not, all the time).

That motherboard is shared with other products, It's a ribbon cable slot. Used for other devices. It's probably turned off in your BIOS or not present at all