Mysterious BSOD

how do i update my bios and ssd firmware? I downloaded the sandisk toolkit and it said my firmware were up to date.

the intel program says i dont meet the requirements


It's not a memory issue, it's a hard disk issue, running memtest isn't going to give any errors. Go to start, type cmd, right click run as admin then type: chkdsk /f

Press y (or whatever it asks for) then reboot and let the test run. After that runs, if there were no errors do: sfc /scannow

I think the sfc will show up with some errors.

ok ill run that ill get back to you

might be the raid array

ran both tests no errors

try seatools tests... it might  be your RAID array....

May very well be at this point, just break the RAID and go from there and try that.

What's your event viewer saying?

no errors found in HelloMrOwl suggestion but i ran memtest86 again with all my memmory and it found errors. heres what i got