MySQL on Ubunut Server

hey guys I am trying to setup mysql on a Ubuntu server that I am SSH into. I posted a similar thread where I was trying to setup an email server and that kind of works now but for some reason I cant get MySQL to install.

did you apply the --configure flag at the end of the install command?

There is a dependency problem. Run sudo apt-get install -f. If that does not fix it:

  • Navigate to /var/cache/apt/archives
  • Run sudo dpkg --configure mysql-server-5.7

If this throws an error again it should be more clear. Like "Could not remove folder X" or other stuff.

depending on what you need mysql for I would recommend going for MariaDB which is what the lead devs left mysql to create. if you are running an old app then purge your current mysql install and then install fresh, this will give you the mysql root set up.