My xeon

Right now im behind my rig which is a dell precision t5400 with dual xeon e5430 and i when i looked up the specs of this chip i became really confused: 

so what makes me confused: well the fact that this CPU is made with the 45nm proces and the max TDP is still only 80W. 

Does someone have a idea how this is possible.



Its useualy used as a server chip not for desktops 

i know but still how is it possible that the i7-920 is using so much more power (almost twice as much)


I had two of these in my old precision 490 :)


so in conclusion they are doing something in the xeon chips that makes them much more power efficient but just as powerfull. 

only thing i really dont like of the xeon is the price of ecc fully buffered ram is to damn expensive.