My Water-cooling build! Help/Suggestions?

First I will list all components that would be related to the watercooling.


PUMP- Swiftech MCP655

Res- EK-RES X3 250

Cpu Waterblock- EK-Supremacy Acetal

GPU Waterblock- EK-FC7950

Radiator- Koolance 2 x 140mm + Koolance 4 x120mm

Tubing- PrimoFle ADVANCED LRT Black


Compression Fittings by BitsPower.

Im cooling a i5-3570k and a 7950 msi. will add another 7950 in the coming months.

These cards will be heavly overclocked plus the cpu.


This will be my FIRST watercooling build. Thus i have done meny hours of reaserch on components and watercooling itself.


Suggestions- LOW noise High CFM 120mm fans for 480 radiator?

this is my crappy scetch up on paint..have no 3d modeling software

Excellent case choice there pal.

Flow is fine, and I reckon your diagram is pretty darn good.

I would personally grab a double 5.25 bay res/pump combo - a d5 one like that of xspc's or just have the pump tucked out the back near the psu. Just so you could run a 480 in the bottom (which by the way something like this would be good to make use of all that room <<link>>.

Same goes for the top. Grab the thickest you can.

Scythe GT's, Bitfenix spectre pro's, noctua's (there will be a black range very soon), noiseblockers, silverstone ap120's. All are good choices, high sp and all but the noctua's will run as low as 5v.

Make sure you get the matching backplates for the gpu blocks. They finish off the cards really well.

Decided yet on barbs or compression fittings?

Im going with the ek 250ml res for aestetics, seeing the side panel has window. it will show my yellow coolant nicely. im going for a batman build. yellow motherboard. black tubing and i will elaborate some more with other accessories to complement the batman theme.


im going to use bitspower fitting. crome/silver to brighten up the inside a little. the black fittings will be a bad idea since the tubing is already black. 


i was looking at the noctua black fans too. i will probably get those. if not i will get noisblockers. ( singularity pc from youtube uses the noisblockers. well know water cooling builder. he highly recomends them) i still have to battle price too, which ever one is cost efficent and quiet to my preference will be chosen.

i want to stick with the configuration as it works well. Sinc eyou mentioned using the space, i think i will go with a thicker 360mm bottom radiator. A higher 60mm higher one. that way i can add another 2 x 140mm fan on the rad to hep cooling the two gpu and cpu. you see where the pump is? in the front..where the little window cut out is, im going to cut the inner pannel and reveal the pump. im going to buy bitspower mod kit for the pump, silver most likely. i will decide on a yellow or white led to lite the interior. 

if i go with yellow led's it will cut modding cost. if i dont go with yellow led, then i will need to put more yellow components or do costom yellow paintijg to accomidate batman's color scheme.


maybe i do dark led' or gray glow mised with low yellow lighting also...yes this sound good to me. very good. this will leave me to paint the exterior. im will do a rigid destroyed paint job. like the dark knight returns. complementing that part of batmans story. paint yellow with scratches all over. it would like a faded yellow. faded because of the scuffing.

the paint will he done professionely..uncle paint and body shop =)


as for toys.. the top panel will have led's, very bright. and i will find costom plating with batman symbol so it can be displayed on my ceeling..the plate will be mounted over the top grill (1in) to allow air excape. i will have a fan controller in 5.25 drive bay to controll all 10-12 fans. plus a led controller to controll led's.  the led strip on the outside of the case will somehow be modded to be yellow if phantek does not allow exchangable led's. if they do..then problem fixed.


sorry for the essay of my thoughts...but watercooling and modding is growing on me. i find it thrilling you see

Sounds very cool indeed. Id love to see how it all comes together for ya mate. Yeah the young bloke from singularity pcs certainly does some very nice builds. His custom cabling is pretty hard to beat I reckon.

Modding the front to show off the pump will look badass as well!

That too..i will be doing single cord sleeving for my Seasonic 860w Platnum full modular power supply. I will do my best to match or even out do his cabeling aesthetic.


the build would take me a while..2-3 months or more if finances becom a problem. i need to gather the money to purchase components. i will update the build frequently. do it part by part. 


buy graphics cards..then cool the cooling the cpu..then gpu...etc.


as soon as the cas is released i will purchase it though. As i can get the painting done anytime i want..i want to get it don as soon as possible.


Do you have any tips tricks i should concider since this is my first waterccoling build?

>dummy fit everything to see what work and looks the best, even move shit around to get different ideas

>flush your rads a few times before use

>learn how to turn the psu on via a paperclip so when it comes to powering on to leak test nothing has to be plugged in except the pump.

>buy more tubing than you will need, say a good few feet more.

>buy some fan hubs for all the rad fans