My VRM overheating solution

I have a Gigabyte 990FXA-UD3 with an overclocked AMD FX-8350. I started having system instability issues, severe CPU throttling and other problems even at 4.0GHz. I eventually determined this to the fault of the VRM heatsink which was insufficiently cooling the VRM's. Its a common problem with the revision 3 UD3 boards. I thought I would post a video I made and the solution to the problem here, for anyone else who has had similar issues.


Thats a neat solution.
curious about the test results.

I might just try this on my crappy unstable motherboard. Thanks man.

similar thing on the 970 boards (990's too) the northbridge can get pretty toasty.
scavenging/buying a cheepo laptop blower fan from evilbay and some ziptie*ing it to the bottom of the main cpu heatsink or to the hard drive cage aimed at the northbridge helps alot.

I had/have an overclocked [email protected] stable after adding a blower fan from an old dead PS2 slim, brought my NB temps down from 110 too 70 degrees. managed to hit 5.3ghz on that box, fans were a tad loud though.

i was lucky enough to have found a random fan for the rear of my cpu cooler that threw the air out of it cooling the vrm sink.