My upgrades

hello, I am getting desperate to upgrade my cpu, mobo, case and power supply and I have about $450 and don't know what to do. I was actually waiting on the phenom 2's hoping that the propus cores the triple core denebs would be in my price line and if that does not happen I want to know the best upgrades for the money I can get. I would like ddr3 support which is impossible for me unless I get an asrock mobo which is not too bad , but the mobo needs to be crossfire able and the psu should be suitable for hd4850's in crossfire. I already have a 610watt psu with two pci-e connectors and two 12volt rails which are at 21amps and 22amps, I don't know if it is ok for crossfire. Haven't had problems with it though. its the kingwin 610watt psu. if I HAVE to pump out some more cash I may be able to. thanks

wat r ur current system specs?




HAF 932

Antec Twelve Hundred

NZXT Tempest

Any of those will be either $450 or under $450, and your power supply should be more than sufficient enough.


DFI cfx3200infinity motherboard

gigabyte hd4850

4gb pqi turbo

ultra wizard with uv reactive side panel{crappy case}

amd athlon 3600+x2 oldold

kingwin 610watt power supply




Total: 399.97$

what about the coolermaster cm690? If I get that then I can spend more money on the motherboard or cpu even though the e8400 is really good.

The CM690 is pretty good, but you could go for the Raidmax Somildion that would also save.

Also dont buy a Foxconn or ASRock board, they're bad.

the asrock isn't that bad actually if you read the reviews on newegg and online. The main reason I like the p45 chipset from asrock is because it supports ddr2 and ddr3 memory. BTW guys what about the power supply ferman I know you think my power supply is good enough for the job, but 21amps and 22amps. I feel skeptical about the number of amps that it offers and the wattage is ok I guess.

Well Assass1nat0R's choices are very good as well i would say go with his. And foxconn isn't bad foxconn pretty much makes all of the stuff for everyone. But go with Assass1nat0R's his is a great choice and if you want you can get a good power supply but your's should still work.

well any suggestions on the power supply?? I have been thinking about going with the coolermaster centurion 590 and a tuniq potency 650watt psu which is $44 after the $40 rebate or going with the xigmatek 750watt psu which has a $60 rebate which makes it $64. Well I did look at some other power supplies and even the silverstone power supplies with 4 12volt rails are at 18 amps, so maybe the kingwin 610 is enough,but the company is not too well known and there is a review on newegg which says it couldn't handle crossfire,but he never said what cards he was using. I am tempted at keeping the power supply and going with a really nice case like the haf932,but I am not sure. Anybody who has had a power supply like the kingwin 610 or had one please tell my if it is powerful enough for crossfire of hd4850's. thanks ferman and assass1nat0R for the help, but I will wait and see what others have to say.

get the Corsair TX750W ive got it and its grrrrrrrrrrreat

yeh the TX750 is a very good PSU but its not modular and in mid tower cases it cud be a pain to hide the cables.

I can recommend both the Coolermaster 690 and the Centurion 590 as I own both and I prefer the 590 out of them :)

that will not leave room for a case. anything cheaper?? you know what screw the power supply I'm gonna go with ferman and keep my power supply. 43 amps on 2 rails shouldn't be that bad. what do you guys think of the nzxt guardian. Free shipping and a rebate on newegg.

yeah ive got the antec 900 and ive got a swarm of wires in the right bottom corner but ive got most of them hidden now cause i put the HDD;s in the top 2 and the wires at the bottom

ok then. The antec 900 should have a hole to loop your cables around the other side of the case below the motherboard.

yeah theres 2 holes I got my 24pin going thru one end and comming out the other along with a SATA power for the DVD Drive

yeah about the coolermaster 690 and 590. I was planning on getting the 690, but the shipping makes it $99 and the nzxt guardian is $89 it has free shipping and a rebate. what do you think??

links? sorry im doing a bunch of stuff right now

yeah here it looks incredible, but performance first. BTW what about this power supply?? yes I'm being cheap