My UPGRADED PC build and desk SetUp

Hello Guys!

My shipment finally arrived!


And now I wan't to prove that the Asus DCU 2 r9 290x really fits in Corsair's 

250D case. 


Because before I ordered this card, I didn't find the confirmed fact about this card really fitting in this case. (Because of the Large heat pipe on the top of the card.)

And at the same time I want to give a view of my upgraded build!


feel free to comment!




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Nice build, good and clean.

Excellent photography by the way too.


Awesome. I am jealous lol. Its so clean, and professional looking...makes my rig feel like garbage.

Nice GPU choice, I love my DCUII 290x I'm glad it fits in your case. The overall aesthetic of the build ain't my thing but looks pretty nice none the less, even if i I do prefer mines :P.

yes! (Y) Thanks!! 

LOL! thanks!! (:

sweet box, love that case.

I wish I knew how to take photos like this. Love the desk, mine always seems so cluttered and full of projects. Love the white cathodes in the case very nice touch. What type of camera do you use?


This is awesome. I don't know what else to say...


this makes me consider scrapping my full tower and building a mini one. but then i think i need the ram, storage capacity, and still dont have a decent desk. btw what kind of table/desk are you using?

Yes! I miss more dimm slots too! And I have to ssds and one 2Tb wd black in this kind a little box and thats good/enough for me! 

Im using an IKEA 30€ table 2m wide and 60cm deep.

U only need some lucky shots and little bit Photoshop!

Mine is messy always too, I photoshoot at cleaning days! 

And Im using my Nikon 5100D.



how do you feel about having a vertical and horizontal monitor over having 2 horizontal monitors?  Been contemplating that every now and then.

Great looking build, very attractive!

How loud is that GPU? Got any other card to compare it to?

hmm... I used to have 2 and once 3 horizontal monitors and I like the most using 2 monitors. Now I'm using that extra display vertical to save space. And I kind a like it. I work as a designer so I video edit and use photoshop, premier etc. a lot so it's very usefull to have second diaplay vertical so I can see almost whole frontpage of website and when I'm searching my files I can see a lot more!

So I like it that way because it's very usefully to me while I'm working and while playing I can monitor my temps, clock speeds and chat window etc.. !


it's not so loud... Before I had a gtx 670 from evga (reference) and the sound of the that gtx card was so bad and loud, so I love the sound of my new card. 

And now I have performance and quiet mode/bios, while using quiet mode the sound is kind a quiet and nice. At Uber/performance mode the sound get kind a loud but not so bad I think. Not too bad I think!