My Upgraded Build!

Cpu: Amd 6300 or Amd 8320

Gpu: Msi 7950

Case: Rosewill Challenger :/

Storage: 500GB WD Blue/128GB Toshiba ssd

Motherboard: Asus M5A97

What do you think? any changes? for gaming and video editing.

Looks good.  Don't overclock the 8320 on that motherboard, though.  I'd only overclock the FX-6300 on a board like that.

why shouldn't I overclock a 8320 on that board?

The VRMs aren't beefy enough to handle the power draw of an 8 core AMD CPU when overclocked.  The M5A97(the board you picked, can't memorize model #) board has a 4+2 power phase design.  Something like an M5A99FX PRO has a 6+2 phase power design, which is able to handle the 8320 a lot better, and can overclock.