My University is Releasing Student Personal Info "For The Public"

I want to start by saying that right now I am not really sure what is going on, as I do not have the e-mail that was sent to my English Professor (who mentioned it in his class). I hope I do receive the e-mail, as it has all of the information.


On to the actual content. While in my English class today (I'm a Freshman in 101), we we're going over our new e-book and digital homework systems and the professor opened up an e-mail. This e-mail contained a message, that should go out to students, but apparently has not (yet, hopefully). It was written to explain how the University is going to release a lot of personal information about us students, not sure if that includes faculty. Since I don't have the e-mail in front of me right now, I'm going to list off a few of the things that are said to be released that I can remember.

Name, address, phone numbers, e-mail (not sure if student e-mail, personal, or both), age (possibly on what year of school), a picture, and that was only maybe half of what was listed.

If I do not recieve the e-mail in the next couple days, I will ask my Professor to forward it to me. The thing that irritated me most is that they don't really say why they are doing this, and are having us jump through hoops to opt-out.


This whole thing really shocked me, and I was wondering if anyone else has experienced anything like this at their school, workplace, or wherever?


EDIT: I guess my Professor has some mind-reading ability, because right as I posted this I got the e-mail forwarded to me. I guess it wasn't really an e-mail, but something that was posted on our Notices in what is like a "central hub" website for students and staff. Here is most of the message (footer omitted, etc)

Public Notice - Student Directory Information

Pursuant to University policy on the release of Student Directory Information and the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), the University may make student directory information accessible to any person external to the University, unless that student notifies the Academic Records Office, in writing, that he/she objects to the release of such information. Directory information is considered to be public in nature and will be released at anytime upon request without prior approval from the student. Notice is therefore given that directory information listed below in respect to each student enrolled at SIU will be available to any person unless the student has filed with the Registrar's Office a written request to restrict release of student directory information to external sources.

The University has designated as directory information the following student information:

* Student Name

* Student Local Address & Telephone Number

* Student Home Address & Telephone Number

* Student E-Mail Address

* Current & Past Term Status (Full-Time, Part-Time)

* Classification (Freshman, Sophomore, Etc.)

* Academic Unit

* Major

* Dates Of Attendance

* Degrees & Honors Earned & Dates

* The Most Previous Educational Agency Or Institution Attended Prior To Enrollment At SIU

* Participation In Officially Recognized Activity Or Sport

* Weight, Height & Pictures Of Members Of Athletic Teams

* Date Of Birth

* Picture

Any student enrolled at SIU who does not wish to have released any directory information should contact, in person, the Academic Records Office, Woody Hall Room A-103, by Tuesday, September 3, 2013. Students who elect to restrict the release of student information must sign a statement to that effect (such statement is available at The restriction on the release of student directory information will be valid until the student submits, in writing, a request that the restriction be removed.



What country are you in? I'm fairly sure this sort of thing is illegal in the U.S. unless you have given your university explicit permission to release your info.

Edit: Apparently under FERPA, (a law that does exactly the opposite of what the title suggests) it is completely legal to release your private information to the public. I would advise you to opt out immediately.

I'm pretty sure he is in the United states, He said the college was SIU, Which should be Southern Illinois University.