My ultimate gaming rig/any changes?

so this is a rig I'm going to buy but before I go ahead and buy it I would like to know what changes you think would improve this build! 


PowerSupply: Corsair Enthusiast Series TX750 V2 750W


Graphiccard:EVGA2 GeForce GTX680 SuperClocked 2048MB GDDR5

Ram: Vengeance 16gb Quad Channel Kit DDR3 1600 MHz Ram

Hard drive: Western Digital 1 TB 3.5-Inch 7200 RPM SATA III

Processor: Intel Core i7-3770K

Windows: 1pk Win Home Prem7

Cpu Cooler: Corsair Cooling Hydro Series H100I CPU Cooler

Disk Drive: Sony Optiarc AD-7280S-0B Black

Case: thermaltake Chaser Mk-1

Motherboard: Sabertooth Z77 Lga 1155

seems all good altho switch the ram out for 2x dual kits doesnt usualy mater but has bitten me on ocasion.

bigest improvement for me in this build would be a quality sound card :)

otherwise nice build happy gaming!!

Look into that PSU. I bought the Corsair TX750M. Which is the semi modular one. Then after I got it I did more research( Oh the irony, should have done it first.) and found out that it was made by a different OEM than most of the other Corsair PSUs. Most are built by Seasonic which get great reviews all over the web, but this one was a bit more shotty. Still a good PSU, but I was slightly upset with my purchase. Less that it was not the best PSU I could get because I had a pretty generic one before, and more that I didn't first do more research before my purchase.

2013-04-26What's your budget??? I'm guessing, by the parts, around $2000.

Here, this should do.

*ALL PARTS FROM NEWEGG!!! :D < Teh Case < Teh Mobo < Teh CPU < Teh Memory < Teh Storage (The SSD) < Teh Storage (The HDD) < Teh GPU < Teh PSU < Teh ODD < Teh CPU Cooler

Total Cost: $1953.90 :D :D :D