My top 3 favorite game's of 2013

I could do a top ten but I am lazy and l let’s give credit where it is due.  The top three game’s that I have chosen and in my opinion are the best game’s released in 2013. I know this list is a little late but now is better than never.  The game's i chose are just from personal experience.  These are the game's that I enjoyed the most and had a lot of fun playing.  Maybe if you are new to gaming you might want to check these title's out at some point.  These game's where also chosen because they where the most talked about game's among me and my friend's I took a couple of things into consideration when making this list.  I did not want to give away any spoilers but as always proceed with caution. 

3. Bioshock Infinite

Bioshock Infinite was a game that I could not put down I had to literally explore every crevice of this game.  I played through Bioshock Infinite several time’s each time finding something that I did not see the first time.  It had an incredible story that was almost cinematic at time’s.  The enviroment of the game at first was just pleasing to the eye’s.  I enjoyed taking my time walking down the street’s of Columbia and then when thing’s became violent the game transitioned to a dark a eerie theme it did such a great job with the transition.  The game also gave us a glimpse of segregation and how really maniacal most of the citizen’s of Columbia really where. I enjoyed this game on so many different level’s it was a hard game to put down.


2. Paper’s Please

Paper’s Please was my surprise of 2013 I started playing and I could not put it down.  It make’s you question your moral’s on so many different level’s it is insane.  The game has 20 different ending’s depending on the many different path’s you take which most of those path’s you end up in a jail cell.  The game make’s you test your sensory skill’s as well as questioning skill’s.  You have to check everybody’s passport and make sure that they are clear if you don’t properly check it you will get a ticket and then fined.  This game test people on their moral’s and thinking skill’s we need more games like this it is so simple but and fun to play.  I don't think graphics matter when you can have a game that keeps your attention from checking passport's that is a great game. 


1. Grand Theft Auto 5

Grand theft auto 5 did not win because it was the best selling game of all time it won because it was a great game.  This was the first Grand theft auto where you could play as more than one character and it was very interesting to play through the story’s and see how the all intertwined.  It had a great story and it was a hard game to put down.  The visual’s where very stimulating , crisp and clear it was just an all the way around great game.  It had an amazing soundtrack as well what could you not like about this game.

My favorite games (PC Only so no console exclusives):

5. Splinter Cell Blacklist: I chose this one mainly because the stealth gameplay was very fun (not fixed or anything, cause it was definitely very weird) and that was big enough of a reason that I chose this, since i rarely see any very fun stealth games anymore.

4. Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 3: Full Burst: this is much more personal, but i chose this because 1) i love naruto and 2) the gameplay was crazy good. this game was one of the few games that game me an enjoyable feeling for a fighting game. But the problem was the same as other fighting games: repetition. after defeating my 200th enemy or so, it started to get boring and easy.

3. Tomb Raider- this game was just amazing in my opinion. The graphics were some of the best (and still is) and the storyline was very deep in. some of the gameplay was a little *meh* but, it just felt like i was dissolved in this world with lara croft.

2. Payday 2: Now, this was one of the best co-op games there is,( but a better one (monaco) is out there, and even supports local co-op with a few more xinput controllers. But that game didn't make my list because after a few missions it started to get repetitive. The experience was always the same after you complete the campaign. The only way to have fun in that game was to goof off, but then you fail the mission and the try hard friends will hate you. It's a game that was made more for the serious gamer, so it didn't make my list. ) and was very fun. What i felt was very weird was the fact that even though there weren't so many missions, the gameplay never felt repetitive; the mission could end in many possiblities. Payday 2 also makes the game very dependent on your teammates; if you go down, they are the only ones there that could help you. it shows the world what a good co op game looks like, gameplay wise and graphical wise.

1. Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag: i bet many of you didn't expect this to be a finale. But yes, I chose this game. Now I know that it is laggy on the pc and everything, But i won't be talking about that, as i had no issues with it on mine, with only some times frame rate drops. This game to me feels like one of the most polished assassins creed game out there. As much as the stealth system is messed up, I had problaby the most fun in it killing people. It never got repetitive killing people the same way, and the campaign was huge; I'm still not done with half and ive played for 47 hours without getting every collectable along the way. But I think one of the biggest flaws of it is that it doesn't add much fresh features in it. Assassin's creed still feels like assassins creed, so some people who didnt like the previous games would problaby not like this one. The graphics on this thing was pretty insane and the lighting, enviornment, and character details are some of the best ive seen, as well as the water effects.

So that concludes my post. If you actually read this much, good! if you didn't, do it now. I'd like to see other people make their lists.

i still sunk the most time into diablo3

Yeah Diablo is great!!!

I second that, can't wait for reaper of souls!

1 Bioshock

2 ARMA 3 

3 papers please

4 Outlast

5 The Stanley Parable 

and a game that needs to be on my 2012 list is Far Cry 3 but I didnt play it tell August 2013

and for two that I felt didnt make this list but are worth saying Rust and Space Engineers Since there both still being made and updated like every five mins XD I cant wait to see how they turn out and will most likly be on my 2014 list

I really wanted to put Far cry 3 but it was released in December last year.  I didnt even play Far Cry 3 until 2013.  I posted this list on my website and have been getting ridiculed.  A lot of people don't think paper's please should be at number 2 they think that there where a lot more  game's last year that should be number 2 instead.  I see that you really liked paper's please as well and had it ranked at number 3 I think it was a great game too and it was all designed by one guy that add's to everything.  I hope there are more game's like that in 2014 but only time will tell


My favourite and only games I have from 2013:

3: The Swapper. Good game but I'm bad at the puzzles.

2: Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon. Incredibly fun, way better than Far Cry 3 but it's story was too short. ;c

1: Paper's Please. Simply fantastic.


I am thinking of Getting Splinter Cell, it does look gud.