My Tini-tiny PC Build

Hi, I've been looking at building a PC for a while now and think this is the ideal time, I've assisted with some of my friends build's and have generated this build for myself to buy early in January. I have a few questions on its performance and cooling.


PC Part Picker Link -

PC Part Picker is missing some of my components, so I've substituted some parts (PSU, case fans, optical drive), below is the amazon wishlist with the actual parts I'm thinking of buying.

Amazon Wishlist Link -

In addition I have two 500GB 2.5 drives which I may add to the system. 

I'm looking to play games in 1080p at max settings. The most intensive games are probably ARMA 3, GW2, Minecraft (I've been told in chews up RAM) and possibly A Realm Reborn, FF14. 

Am I right to think the CPU, RAM's size and speed, and GPU meet the needs for the games above?

My case is truly tiny, I would only change it for a even smaller case. Although the GPU and PSU shouldn't really affect the case temps CPU cooling I feel will be an issue, I have a thought up few options to help it.

My first option is the cheapest; One 80mm fan with a stock cooler.

My second option is the same as the first but with a slight case mod. One 80mm fan between the PSU and the back of the case.

My third option is ideal, put the Zalman CMPS8900 in as  a CPU cooler. The motherboard should (just) take it without blocking the PCI-e lane but low profile RAM will necessary and the pricing on RAM is annoying at the moment. Buying 16GB somehow gives better value per GB that 8GB.

The CPU is also questionable, I would just buy the 760k but the motherboard requires a BIOS update to run it, but not the 750K ( This is wired as I thought that the 760k is a 750k, clocked higher because it performed better in QC. Overclocking wise I only plan to overclock a 750k to 3.8Ghz to match the 760k.

My budget is £450-£550. Currently it is at £480, I also have all necessary peripherals.

I know waiting for new tech is basically waiting forever, but am i going to miss a innovation if I build in January?


Thanks guys.

I'd say grab for you mother board instead of the ASRock and pick up a 2x4GB 1866mhz set of ram such as the That ram kit is low profile so you could grab that CPU cooler.

That GPU should be just fine. Cooling is the only thing I'm worried about for this build. Keep stuff cool = better performance/lifespan. If you absolutely must have this case be aware heat might be an issue. If you aren't overly attached the Coolermaster Elite 120 Advanced or 130 Elite might be worth a look as they have a similar shape and are reasonably small.

 If you're not too fussed about having a 5.25" bay, try the Fractal Design Node 304 with an external optical drive. This case could be great for this build.

 For the PSU, might be better for not much price difference. Also consider spending a bit more for a 80+Gold efficiency PSU instead, 80+Bronze is okay but not great.