My Thoughts On What Windows Could Do To Impress Me

This is coming from a linux user so don't shit yourself. Thanks.

I have a short list of stuff that Windows could do better. It really is not much but I think it would make it run smoother with chaining everything else into these ideas, at least on my machine. It would also enable tools that we don't normally have on windows but have on linux and BSD.

1: Native DD and file Directory Tools.

No, CD doesn't count. I want to make a bootable USB drive WITHOUT the chance that win32DiskImager is going to kill the storage controller on my USB. I also want to use a MultiBootUSB tool that isn't just winzip. Handy shit.

2: Filesystems.

Every update I have had to defrag windows 10. I don't know why so don't ask me. Update, running slow as balls, defrag, tada its ok again. If you added XFS or EXT4 or even BTRFS where defrag is done on boot this would never be an issue again. I guess hard drives will forever be addressed like a USB stick or a floppy disk.

3: Kernel Mods

Only a linux user will get this, but how about instead of everything being userland we have the important stuff separate from the stuff the stupid monkey has access to? That just eems like a smarter idea.

Theres a reason the system32 rumor exists.

And obviously, comment what you think could be added or taken away to make it better too.

Yeah I never head of Windows killing ANY Storage controller. you must have the epitome of bad luck at least commonly..

If you are using ancient hardware expect there to be issues. most SSDs remove the need to defrag. however Windows will by default will defrag SSDs monthly. constant defragging of an SSD will most likely kill it faster. simply because you are doing un-necessary writes to the drive. but for 5400RPM HDDs just throw those out the window (no pun intended) and stick with 7200RPM Drives or SSDs.

Though a nice idea, not everything in the world is Open source and not everything should be open source. in a perfect world maybe, but we aren't. you can't have everything you want. one thing cannot be used for everything and Linux isn't perfect for every use case scenario.. contrary to popular belief, and neither is Windows. A lot of Linux users act like FreeBSD doesn't exist. which is faster and overall better than Linux. but the support isn't there and isn't controlled by one person (Linus Torvalds with Linux for example) and mind you, how you mod the kernel in Linux, it's would most definitely not be the same in Windows. so you're going to be a few months in trying to learn how to fiddle with things.

My overall point is, use what's best for the job. Linux isn't perfect and is not the greatest thing ever for everything, and neither is Windows.


Can't agree more with that. Just seems that some minor changes could make it more effective, you know? And maybe they'll do some of that while working with canonical! That'd be neat :3

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I think Microsoft should consider chucking out a lot of the bloat that is retained for legacy compatibility. A complete rebuild from the ground up would be nice but potentially difficult - and not just for techniocal reasons.

To be honest I don't think Windows really features in the big-picture long term planning for Microsoft, it will likely become more of a side-show as more and more revenue is generated from their Azure/Cloud offerings. Who knows in another 5-10 years Windows as we know it might just be a legacy supported OS with a new Microsoft BSD runnig an Azure-Stack skin for those who really want to run their own servers...

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I totally agree on the point that the filesystem should be changed and the whole fragmentation of a disk is just plain dumb in 2016. About the other ponits I'm kinda mhe since I've never encountered any issue with the win32diskmanager and modding the kernel will kill the purpose of the system to an out of the box ready and secure system overall.

Windows fortunately is able to distinguish SSDs from HDDs and won't enable the auto defrag (but will suggest to do it anyway -_-)

Slow updates and 3rd world filesystems aside, my biggest gripe whenever I use windows is WHY CAN'T I ADJUST THE VOLUME WITH THE MOUSE WHEEL??!!

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You can - click volume icon, roll wheel.

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Clicking the icon first is a nightmare


OK then - try this

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Life is too short to install 3rd party software

you don't need a kernel mod to prevent people from deleting system32. you just need to change their account type to something other then administrator.

All I want is, if i say open a file with program stays with program x, not windows photo album etc

All I want, as a retail and service worker, is for the system to convey to the user, in simple terms, what the fuck its doing!

if you only gnu

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