My thoughts on Linux after 2 months and why I'm going back to Windows

I have been using Linux Mint as my primary OS for about 2 months now, and I thought I would come here to give you my thoughts on the experience.

At first I loved it. I set everything up just the way I wanted it. I thought that the design was sleek, and I loved all the options that I had. I learned a lot by messing stuff up and using the terminal to fix it.

However, I am probably going to switch back to Windows for the time being. I'm going to list the big reasons why

Gaming - I have a Radeon 7770 (GHz Edition) as my video card. As you all know, AMD drivers on Linux are terrible. A lot of my games do support Linux, but the performance disadvantage of using Linux was so big that I just used Windows for all my gaming even if the game did support Linux.

I did some benchmarks against the 2 OS's to show the difference. I used Unigine Valley with Ultra settings at 1080p, and tried it on Windows with Direct X and OpenGL, and on Linux Mint with OpenGL

Windows DX: 19.3 FPS
Windows GL: 16.7 FPS
Linux GL: 9.7 FPS

That's a 66.2% difference in FPS between Windows DX and Linux GL, and a 53% difference between Windows GL and Linux GL.

Software Compatibility - I have to use a lot of software that is not avalible on Linux. Such software includes SketchUp and PaintNET. I have tried alternatives for both, and I just didn't like any of them. I've spent a lot of time trying to get both to work in WINE, but with no luck. I do have a Windows VM running in Linux, but with my low end PC, running a VM hardly makes sense. However, there is some linux-only software that I enjoyed. One of those was RhythmBox, which I would take over Foobar anyday. But when it comes down to it, there's not much that I can run in Linux but not in Windows, but a lot that I can run in Windows but not Linux.

That last thing and biggest reason why I am switching to Windows over Linux is this. When I used Linux, I found myself just aimlessly surfing the internet instead of doing things that I really enjoy such as gaming. I found myself continuously just getting bored, but not feeling like rebooting back into Windows. I want to be enjoying that free time that I have, not just wasting it. And for that reason, I think it makes sense that I switch back to Windows. Until AMD drivers, OpenGL, game compatibility, and software compatibility improve, I just can't find much of a reason to continue. So for the time being, I'm gonna stick with Windows.

Probably going to get a bunch of hate for this, but whatever I'm used to that. Just wanted to get my thoughts out there and start a discussion of what needs to be done to improve Linux as a primary desktop OS.


These are the main reasons people eventually switch back. You have people on the forum who have blind hatred to windows. as if it's the worst thing to ever hit the planet earth. people need to use what's best for there specific scenarios.

Qain said the "Realist" shit. in one of his YouTube videos.

"I've seen these threads on the forum, about "Why i use Windows" or "Why I use Mac" and if your reason is just oh cause the other guys suck. You're no longer talking about why your preference is so great or why you like it. in all reality you sound like a bunch of United States Politician ad Campaigns"

Hey at least you tried it, and you didn't like it. a lot of people probably wouldn't have even bother to try it. cause they have a strong preference for what they are used to, and just don't want to see or try something else. UNTIL what they use messes up on them that they rage, and then try looking for an alternative.


This should be the video you are talking about..I'll post as reference..


Good to see somebody came to a sound opinion based on their needs and wants. This is what I like to see...

What i hate seeing is what @Kat Pointed out LOLS.. windows is great haha... so is linux.. so is mac OSX... it all depends on your needs... Hey you can always run linux in a Virtual Machine... If you still want to mess around :D


That is what I plan on doing :)

Right tool for right job. At least you gave it a shot! I run both OS's, for the same reason as you do. Gaming and software compatibility.
I agree with your statement.

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Like others have mentioned, there is nothing wrong with Windows. Its a great OS. I have partially the same problem. I need Visual Studio and I have my massive game library. This why I won't switch my main desktop over to linux. My laptop however does run Debian 8. I don't need it for the games, and I have access to a VM on Azure for Visual Studio when I am at school. It all comes down to your situation and your needs. Linux just isn't there yet for a lot of people.

I may be wrong, but Linux is also at a spot where not much can be done until Mir or Wayland comes out. Once those are available, GPU manufacturers might start writing better drivers for Linux.

Its pretty much been mentioned, but that the thing, your primary goals for computing are games, and.. graphics/art? And on the games side at least, GNU/Linux just doesnt suit your needs right now.

That will change, with better support for games and with the new AMD driver architecture. But for your computer, for right now, it doesnt meet your needs.

I don't know if you've seen some of the videos from @Logan lately, but he has been talking about using Blender for video editing and the big problem he seems to face is time. With a new OS comes having to relearn everything and you really need time to do that, not to mention getting rig of old habits with your Windows software, just like anything Krita, Blender etc work differently from Windows alternatives.

on a side note AMD open source drivers work really well for me even with (some) games, the new AMDGPU drivers should make it easy to use the open or closed drivers, so ill be sticking with AMD when i upgrade next.

@AzureNinja I would say this. Right now its doesnt give you what you want, but if you upgrade your PC before you try Linux again I highly recommend considering Linux support with your build so when :) you do try it again your computer work work great.


For many power users, switching to Linux on the desktop exclusively means you have to change what you do, not just how you do things. You often need to drop your current PC related hobbies and find new ones. This is what I did but most people aren't remotely interested in doing something like that.

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That kinda seems like the opposite of what computers are supposed to do. A computer is supposed to suit my needs, not me suiting it's needs.

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I think @mythicalcreature is off the mark slightly. Theres two points probably to make.

Switching operating systems means dropping some of the software you used to use and using new software, hence changing what you do. Theres nothing wrong with that, its not Windows so you use GNU/Linux software not Windows software.

The other point is more of a moral/social point. GNU/Linux lets you use open/libre software, its very much about sharing, openness and working together and a lot of people make free software so that people have full control over their computer. That does mean changing how you do things if your very much used to a propitiatory software world.

Both are good reasons to change how you use your computer, but its still up to you if you want to do that or not.

I agree with finding alternatives. I have found a bunch of alternatives that I like. What I disagree with is dropping PC related hobbies.

Just use whatever works best for you.

I totally understand. Most people I've talked to thought I was crazy.

Glad you gave it a try.

Gaming isn't Linux's strong suit. It is more of a bonus for people that use it for other stuff.

Also write AMD and let them know you want better drivers. The new drivers that are comming out will built into the kernel and require no install except for Catalyst as a front end.

Different strokes for different folks.


It's really about 'horses for courses', and what is best for your computing needs. The Windows OS is my primary 'work-horse', and some ways Linux is a mere dalliance for me in the realms of experimentation.

'Workplace Realties' ensure that I need to utilise Windows to remain industry compatible especially in the mining-sector.

You sir are one of the only people who crwated a viable reason as to why you don't care for Linux that I actually respect. Community us not a reason to not use an operating system, and neither us popularity. I can agree Linux lacks in games. That's why I have a 2tb drive with Manjaro on it on my desktop, and a 500gb drive with Windows 10. I will admit driver support on Manjaro is probably easier to install than any driver. See:

Use what works best for you. Right now, Nvidia has the edge in proprietary drivers (opposite for AMD) but AMD may surpass them this year. I really hope the 380X us ~$300 this year otherwise I may get a 970.


You said the same thing earlier :). Gotta love that saying.

I like my clichés.

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Best thing to use is right tool for the right job.

I have HTPC/file server/Torrent client for this I use Linux Ubuntu.
I have gaming PC which runs currently WIN 10(Tech preview 10122(has some problem but stable.))
I have UX32VD which I use mostly for browsing and watching videos(Linux Ubuntu(It runs smoothly and has no problems at all.) I am thinking to switch to KUbuntu just for aesthetics)

I would love to use Linux in my gaming PC but games I play some of them do not have Linux support.

Please do not waste your time dual booting it is not practical it is just waste of time and hard drive space.
Lets say you want to play games you boot Windows lets say you want to use anything else which you can do in Linux what you going to do restart your computer?!