My Theoretical Gaming Rig (WIP)

Hello Everyone,

I am planning on building a PC (my first). is my attempt at a rig for gaming and photo editing.

What do you think? All feedback is welcome!

Thanks in advanced.

Looks like you've picked some great parts! I've never seen that ssd before which is my only stipulation. Looks like your budget is around $1000 though I would suggest you consider an i7 if you are thinking of doing things other than gaming.

I take it you intend to play with some overclocking yeah?
If you dont you could save some cash and either get a vanilla i5/i7 or ht enabled xeon (i7 with no gpu). Then pair it with a midrange h97 board (or equivalent). Could spend that saved cash on another 8GB of RAM, nicer psu, bigger ssd etc.
The rest seems fine.
Heres a similar build >> - i5, 16gb ram, 290, 500gb ssd, 1tb hdd, nzxt case, antec hcg psu (seasonic oem)

My list of suggestions would be this:

  • Get an I7-4790k if you're doing video editing, you will not regret it
  • Get faster memory and maybe even 16GB
  • Depending on the software used, you might want to get a GTX 970 instead for the CUDA
  • 500R is a bit of an overpriced case in my opinion. I instead recommend looking at the Define S/R5, Corsair 450D or similar cases
  • I would swap the PSU out for something a bit higher quality such as an XFX XTR, Seasonic S12II or similar (If you do this though be sure to check which PCIe connectors you have. I recommend getting one that has at least 2x PCI 8-pin)

+1, since you will be buying a gpu separatly. Rather get 16GB than just faster memory, that'd be my choice. About the rest of the parts, everybody else have propsed very good suggestions.

P.S.: @deejeta , what's the name/number that the above mentioned xeons have?

1230v3, 1231v3, 1241v3, 1265L v3 (a low wattage model), 1270v3, 1276v3, 1245v3 - all that really changes between models is the TDP and clock speeds.

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Sorry for the late response, hectic couple days at work. @eagle316 Yes my budget is somewhere around $1000 and besides gaming, I will be using this as my daily driver at school for programming and picture editing (No Video editing @comradevodka).

@deejeta yes I was planning on OC just to get a little more out of the CPU, plus it is only $30 more for the K skew. Also, I like your build, I just haven't heard anything (good or bad) about that MB. Do you have any insight.

@comradevodka What software would benefit from, CUDA? besides certain games I can't think of anything

My mistake, I meant picture editing. In said case CUDA or OpenCL doesn't really matter I think, you just want a somewhat more beefier CPU. Also it's not gaming that benefits from CUDA but content creation software like vegas, adobe creative suite, etc. It then uses CUDA or OpenCL to use to the GPU for faster rendering or faster operation in general in that piece of software.

I would skip the SSD for now and get this: And then later when you have some more money purchase a new CPU cooler and an SSD. This way you do not miss out on any performance that could have been had

I think I will wait a little bit longer before I buy components. If I wait till around the end of the summer or even Cyber Monday Sales, is there anything else that you suggest?